Small, But Mighty

It’s time to say goodbye to our smallest migratory bird, the ruby throated hummingbird, as they set off for their winter feeding grounds in the tropics.

Wildlife Processions March On

Back when our kids were still in our clutches, any road trip usually was centered around wildlife. We’d head off in search of birds with more spectacular plumage, reptiles not found in our back forty and mammals more elusive than the grey squirrels.

Monarch Migration

My Samsonite suitcase is still stashed under the guest room bed as it has been since the days in March when we were told in no uncertain terms to stay home.

The Wildest of Flowers

There are many things in nature that are fleeting: the monosyllabic call of the woodcock, the chorus of spring peepers, the big travel night for amphibians, shooting stars, fields bursting with fireflies, fluffy dandelions heads, and, of course, spring wildflowers.

Winter Blues

These wintry days I am dreaming of the ocean. Days with my feet in the sand listening to the lapping of waves and casting my eyes on that big expanse of ocean until it merges with the sky.