Bumblebees Buzz On

Back when the kids were still living under our roof, for much of the spring we would have a bumblebee that would fly back and forth in front of our house close to the windows. We nicknamed her Babbity Bumble.

Water, Water, Anywhere

As I write this, a mourning dove is taking a sip from a puddle in our driveway. His red legs look sharp against the water, and he seems to be really enjoying this impromptu water hole.

Beauty in the Canopy

I know exactly where I was when I saw my first scarlet tanager. I had been visiting my grandmother in Glastonbury and had spent the day exploring the brook and the ruins of the old gunpowder mill which was later used to process cotton, both around the corner from her house.

Avian Accessories

I have been interested in accessorizing my look, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. Thinking back, for decades I have watched from the sidelines as folks I know demonstrated their creativity with a scarf or a scrunchy.

Lost Words

This is the way I remember it. A cryptic message was left on my phone, the voice fading in and out, making it a challenge to recognize.

Crossroads Food Pantry

Tucked away at the corner of North Grand Street and Mountain Road sits the Crossroads Food Pantry. Established in 2012 and housed at the West Suffield Congregational Church, the pantry was set out to address hunger in the community.

Cardinals, Crayons and Colors

I have a lot of fond memories from my early years at Bridge Street School where I learned to read and skip rope. But to be honest, a typical school day for me did include some sniffing of mimeos hot off the press and admiring their lavender ink while eating gobs of Elmer’s paste directly from the applicator.

Silhouettes of the Season

As we hit the trails this time of year, we may have to dig deeper to find the beauty around us. Heavy snow has yet to fly, the songbirds with their lovely plumage and melodic songs have headed south, the leaves have fallen, and the woods are mostly quiet and still.