The Wildest of Flowers

There are many things in nature that are fleeting: the monosyllabic call of the woodcock, the chorus of spring peepers, the big travel night for amphibians, shooting stars, fields bursting with fireflies, fluffy dandelions heads, and, of course, spring wildflowers.

Winter Blues

These wintry days I am dreaming of the ocean. Days with my feet in the sand listening to the lapping of waves and casting my eyes on that big expanse of ocean until it merges with the sky.

Flying Crows? Caw, Caw, Caw

One November night in an attempt to get away from my roommate’s clutches, I toddled down to the triple on the other side of the dorm where my friend lived. There, as the skies were darkening, my friend told me about the night she lost her dad.

Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere

Recently, I had a chance encounter with a wildlife biologist in the woods. It was on par with meeting a rock star, and I briefly lost my ability to speak, which is something my family has been wishing for.  I hung on her every word as she talked about migratory birds and habitat until eventually her narrative turned towards rabbits.