Speeders are Everywhere!

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I happen to live on North Grand Street and by no means does this only happen on North Grand, it’s happening EVERYWHERE. I’m talking about speeders.

Every morning while making coffee, as I look out the window facing the street, I see cars zooming by, going way too fast. There is no need to be going 65, 75 plus mph in a 45 mph zone. To make matters worse, there are a number of young families living on North Grand, as I found out when driving behind a school bus recently.

I know the Police have set up radar on occasion and the State has put up one of those electronic gizmos that indicate your speed, but I haven’t seen any improvements. Drivers have actually passed me on the left while I have my signal on to turn into my driveway.

It seems to me that some of the nicest folks, when getting behind the wheel, lose common sense and become quite oblivious or selfish.

One very important fact we need to keep in mind is that as adults and parents, we are our children’s teachers. They will do what they see us do. So, if you speed, it’s a good chance that is what you are teaching your children to do.
I just pray that nothing will happen to a child or cyclist or anyone else. It most likely won’t if we just SLOW DOWN.

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