Canvass of Voters is Underway

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The annual canvass of voters is underway. Connecticut Registrars of Voters are required to conduct an annual canvass of electors between January and May to ascertain changes of voters’ residence. This is an effort to keep voter lists accurate and up to date.

If you receive a notice from the Registrars please respond within 30 days. If there is no response the voter’s name will be removed from the active voter list and moved to the inactive registry list.

Notices are being mailed to Suffield registered voters who may have moved according to the National Change of Address System of the U.S. Postal Service (NCOALink), the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) or the Property Transfer List. Also, those who have not voted in the last four elections will receive a notice.

The NCOALink is a product of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), a secure dataset of permanent change-of-address records used to provide updated and accurate addresses for individuals, families, and businesses. Suffield’s voters’ names and addresses are compared to the NCOA list. Voters with conflicting addresses are sent a notice.

ERIC is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens. ERIC is governed and managed by the 32 states plus D.C. who have chosen to join.

Per state statute 9-35(e) the name of an elector, who has not voted in two consecutive federal elections, shall be placed on the inactive registry list. Suffield’s Registrars will first send these voters a confirmation of voter residence notice. If a response is received the voter will remain on the active voter list.

Please respond within 30 days, if you receive a notice. A self-addressed stamped envelope is provided with the notice!

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