When Clothes Stink, Spritz Them With Vodka

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So, you wore a blouse or shirt for a short time and want to wear it again. But it smells of sweat, strong cologne, cigarette or cooking smoke, or other objectionable odors.

Spritz it with straight vodka and let it dry; the odor disappears.
It turns out that colorless, odorless vodka is an antibacterial sanitizer. The theater industry has used it for years to refresh costumes, saving on expensive dry cleaning. For you, it will remove everything from musty or mothball odors to the stink of old sneakers.

And here’s the best part, the cheapest vodka will do. Just don’t use flavored vodka and don’t dilute the vodka. It’s the alcohol content that provides its odor-neutralizing power.

If the clothes are dark, spritz a hem or inconspicuous part first to ensure there’s no staining. And never use it on leather.

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