Is Our Library Neutral?

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In a public library, it should not be obvious which social movement or ideology is favored. At Kent Memorial Library, one particular movement is continuously showcased, as is evidenced by little signs and flags throughout and controversial children’s books displayed. These ideas, targeted at the youngest patrons, suggest to them a path that ends in irreversible bodily harm. This has moved far beyond kindness for different lifestyles, and it has moved into encouraging their most impressionable patrons to consider these paths for themselves.

The Library Bill of Rights states, “Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues.” All points of view? Are there resources displayed encouraging children to remain true to who they actually, biologically are? No. Are there any books on display exposing the irreversible harm this movement causes? No. It seems the librarians are censoring one side of the issue. Censorship, the very thing they speak against. If they wish not to promote with equal intentionality books that shed light on the dangers of this movement, then no books relating to this movement should be on display.

I commend First Selectman Colin Moll for taking action with my concern last year and another anonymous patron’s similar concern. Considering articles from librarians in the March newspaper, it’s clear that steps are being taken to make it more difficult for patrons to voice their concerns. Let’s speak up for a more neutral library for all.

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