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On April 15, Karen Poltronieri will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of her shop Karenough Crafts & Boutique located at 11 High Street, South in Suffield, Suite 104. The entrance is in the back of the building parking lot.

Many of the artist’s whose works are presented in the shop will be on site that day, having additional creations with them. There will be cards already created or you can purchase some supplies and create them at home. Check out upcoming classes and workshops that may spark your creativity. If you sign up on this day for a class or workshop, it will be discounted.

Photo by Karen A Jason
Karen Poltronieri (Karenough Crafts and Boutique) and Linda (Chalk Couture) teamed up for a workshop on February 25. They used reusable silk screen transfer and chalk paste. They offer numerous stencils to choose from which can be applied to chalk boards, windows, fabrics, where ever you think that chosen phrase fits best.

There are different workshops each month, some taught by Karen, and some with other shop owners. On March 9, Tracy from The Plant Lounge (next to Suffield Village Market) teamed up with Karen to make a St. Patrick’s Day (leprechaun or gnome) themed work. Some workshops are by the artist themselves that Karen showcases in her store. Karen can also coordinate a special event i.e., girls gathering, kids party-let her suggest some memorable project options for your day.

Karen has been creating cards for over twenty years and loves to have other people create as well. Her Tuesdays are presently her card making class days. She keeps these classes small at eight people. The classes are fun and she ensures they are not stressful. She wants the environment to feel positive and caring; why she chose the name of the shop “Karenough” (care enough).

The shop is designed so you could come in and find a gift or create one yourself. Some of the items are rustic pieces, jewelry, clothing, essential oils (i.e., soap, bath items, cleaning spray) that are natural, healthy and good for your body. Seventy-five percent of the items are made by local artists, the remainder are from small business owners. Don’t hesitate to ask if a special order can be made. Some items come from Karen’s trips to NYC.

Class dates/times, upcoming workshops and additional information about April 15 can be found on her website at karenoughcrafts.com, her Facebook page and Instagram page. Sign up for emails sent once a month to stay informed.

So, save the date and join in the fun.

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