Ducks Down The Drain!

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Photo provided by Don Miner
Momma duck and her rescued ducklings head for safer pastures.

On Wednesday, May 19, two women noticed a frantic momma duck quacking around a storm drain in the area between the bank and Feather and Bloom at Mountain Road Plaza and saw a group of ducklings in the storm drain. The women called the fire department, who came to the rescue. It seemed that the momma duck had probably walked over the storm drain, but when the ducklings followed, they were small enough to fall through the drain openings.

The rescue went pretty well, as initially nine ducklings were rescued, but number 10 headed down a drainpipe toward the liquor store at the plaza. Another storm drain was opened to rescue the 10th duckling, but he escaped down another pipe which opened into the storm drain behind Dunkin’ Donuts. The 10th duckling was finally rescued, and the momma duck and her brood headed for safer pastures. Thanks to all the concerned citizens and our Fire and Police Departments for their quick action.

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