Kindness Awards at SHS

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Congratulations to Suffield High School students, Kaitlyn Ramaglia and Ivan Hryshakov, who received the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce (NCCCC) Kindness Award for the months of January and February, respectively. This award is designed to honor students who regularly display qualities like civic awareness, commitment, kindness and care towards others. It recognizes leadership and commitment, rather than scholastics or athletics. Each student honored is given a personalized award for their good deeds, a donation made in their name to a charitable organization of their choice and recognition in front of their peers and family during a monthly gathering to celebrate.

Photos provided by Eric Hamylak
Left to right: Assistant Principal Shannon Insero, Assistant Principal Matthew Dobi, Kaitlyn Ramaglia, Principal Carrie Apanovitch, Math Teacher Kris Karam.
Photos provided by Eric Hamylak
Left to right: Academic Support Lori Silva, Ivan Hryshakov, School Social Worker Keely Lee.

Kaitlyn’s math teacher, Mrs. Karam wrote, “Aside from the fact that Kaitlyn is a model student – arrives on time, gets right to work unprompted, engages fully in the lesson, is respectful, and has terrific academic performance – Kaitlyn is consistently helping her peers. She will kindly and patiently work with other students to help them understand the concepts and can be heard encouraging and complimenting them. Kaitlyn’s friendly, positive demeanor and self initiated support of peers makes her an overall awesome student! Her kindness doesn’t just extend to people, but to nature as well. As part of the Suffield Sustainability Council, she dedicated time and effort to help bring Walk to Hart to fruition. Kaitlyn sets an example of what kindness looks like in the classroom and beyond and will surely continue to spread kindness in her future.”

The NCCCC is making a donation to a charity of Kaitlyn’s choice: American Humane. If you’d like to make a donation in Kaitlyn’s honor, please go to

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Silva wrote, “In November, Ivan began meeting weekly with two elementary school students, ages 5 and 6, who just arrived from Ukraine. Ivan, who is fluent in English and Ukrainian, began engaging and communicating with the boys in their native language, resulting in the younger boys’ enhanced level of comfort, sense of belonging, and connection at school. As for Ivan, we cannot say enough about the quality of character of this young man. As an example, when he was thanked by the high school and elementary school administration for his continuing engagement with the boys, he consistently responded, “It is my pleasure.” This simple statement exemplifies his selflessness, ongoing kindness and commitment to enhancing the younger students’ adjustment to both school and adaptation to language, social, and cultural differences of a new home country.”

The NCCCC is making a donation to a charity of Ivan’s choice: Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation. To make a donation in honor of Ivan, please go to prytula

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