Go Take a Hike!

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Photo by Krystal Holmes
Troops 260 and 262 gather in an Adirondack shelter after a 6-mile hike at Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union.

Troops 260 and 262 put on the mileage in May. They hiked to prepare for a two-night section hike of the Appalachian Trail in June plus their epic Italy adventure in July where they will hike through the Dolomites, the villages of Cinque Terre and Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano!

♪♪ Life’s a journey,
no need to hurry.
It’s one day at a time
One foot
in front of the oth
er ♪♪

As part of their preparation scouts started with small hikes every other week at Sunrise Park. The scouts would trek up our ‘Suffield Mountain’ to the Metacomet Trail. Each week they grew their muscles and practiced their breathing, becoming stronger hikers. Those small miles grew into bigger hikes with overnight adventures at Peoples State Forest in Barkhamsted and Bigelow Hollow State Park. The scouts got more comfortable carrying a full pack, as they brought what they needed for meals, sleeping and water filtration.

♪♪ Take one step and
then take another
Keep on walkin’,
we’re headed in
the right direction ♪♪

After hiking a challenging uphill portion of the People’s State Forest loop, scouts were rewarded with an amazing view of the Farmington River Valley. Troop 262 scout Valerie Richardson-White said, “It was all worth it, this is beautiful!” Hiking gives rewards you never expect.

The scouts encourage you to follow in their footsteps. Go take a hike. There are so many magnificent acres of preserved conservation land in our town, state and country ready for you to explore. Hiking is a wonderful way to be physically active, see a bounty of flora and wildlife, and enjoy the beauty all around us.

♪♪ Puttin’ one foot
in front of the other
Little by little
gets a whole lot further ♪♪

The George Straight song, “One Foot in Front of the Other,” says it best, by putting one front in front of the other these scouts are hitting their stride. They are gaining unforgettable memories, building their independence and fine tuning their outdoor skills. If you want to join the fun reach out to suffieldscouts@gmail.com and we will Scout You In.

Photo by Krystal Holmes
Valerie Richardson-White is triumphant, loving the views after a hike through People’s State Forest in Barkhamsted.

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