Donations Provide New Vehicle for the Friends of the Canal

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Photo provided by the author
The woman working hard is Joyce Greenberg, a resident gardener.

The Friends of the Windsor Locks Canal were able to purchase a Kubota RTV 520 this year. A matching grant from the Amiel and Mary Anne Zak Public Service Fund plus donations from local businesses and private individuals made the purchase possible. The Zak Public Service Fund through the Hartford Foundation for Giving has been very generous over the years.

The contributions of many enable the Friends to keep the park and trail attractive and safe. The total area managed by the volunteers is 5.4 miles of trail, a picnic area and several open fields. These properties are controlled by several organizations. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection leases canal properties from Ahlstrom Corporation. The Department of Transportation owns sections of the path leading to route 159 and the route 190 bridge approach. Due to limited budgets and staff shortages the Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail gets little attention from these entities.

The Friends of the Windsor Locks Canal, founded in 2003 by Steve Sorrow, is celebrating a 20-year history. It is their mission to advocate for the trail’s responsible development, provide recreational opportunities, protect the Park’s natural resources and preserve the historical integrity of the canal. It is not uncommon for the Canal Road parking lot to be full, proving that the Friends are providing a valued service to the public.

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