The Amazing Abilities of Birds

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Sally Brockett

On November 6, the Suffield Garden Club will feature Sally Brockett, a local gardener, birder and member of the Daytime Gardeners of North Haven, who will present a program that illustrates the amazing abilities of birds. Her fascinating presentation will explore a range of avian topics including memory, camouflage, protection of young, creative nest building and other remarkable feats.

“Birds have incredible skills and abilities that often go unrecognized,” says Brockett. “The term ‘bird-brained’ is not a negative term!” An avid birdwatcher, she began systematically identifying birds in the early 1970’s as a fun hobby. Her work as a special education instructor allowed her to travel to various states and countries and incorporate bird watching along the way. To date, she has catalogued over 500 North American birds.

Photos by Sally Brockett
Crows are some of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. They are capable of making rule-guided decisions and of creating and using tools. They also appear to show an innate sense of what numbers are.

The Suffield Garden Club will host this program on Monday, November 6 at the Kent Memorial Library at 6:30 p.m. Pre-registration is necessary and may be done through the KML website at, click on Events Calendar.
Come and learn how some species can tie a knot with grass to make their nests and other fascinating facts!

The Suffield Garden Club, organized in 1934, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the beautification of Suffield. To become a member or to learn more, visit

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