McAlister Intermediate School Students Kid Governor’s Program

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Connecticut’s Kid Governor program is a part of a larger national program that teaches 5th grade students about civics and government. The program provides an immersive and expansive education in civic government. The timeline coincides with local and national elections each fall.

The program empowers students to help change the world by taking action on a topic important to them that they feel identifies to their own community. Students research solutions, create platforms and to help address those issues, students create campaign videos. Students then run a primary election to select a finalist that advances to the state level.

Each of our seven fifth grade classrooms voted on a class nominee and subsequent school wide finalist. The following students were selected as homeroom finalists and one student selected to be our Suffield Kid Governor who advanced to the statewide competition.

Emily Mosher 2024 McAlister Kid Governor

We are proud of our nominees and finalists. We are confident that these students will continue to shine as leaders of our school and town community at large. Each of our students’ names and the platform on which they ran are listed below. Two photos are featured. One is our finalists the night they were presented to the Board of Education and the other is the McAlister Kid Governor, Emily Mosher, elected for 2024.

Photo provided by the author
McAlister Student Kid Governor nominees from left to right: Ian Parker, Donovan Boucher, Maggie O’Brien, Elise Pafford, Emily Mosher and Ayra Singhania. Alex Deenihan is not pictured.

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