Where in the World is the Observer

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With the rocks at the base of the Cape St. Vincent lighthouse in the background, the Observer recently showed up with Caroline (the photographer) and Michael Alexopoulos in Portugal at the location commonly referred to in the 15th Century as the “end of the world.”
Rick Sotil is holding The Suffield Observer on his trip to Kiev, Ukraine.
Johanne and Deedee Presser with The Suffield Observer at the top of St. George bell tower in Piran, Slovenia.
From left to right: William and JoAnn Kennedy from West Suffield with grandson Evan Ouelette, daughter Amber and son-in-law Garrett Ouelette with The Suffield Observer at the Hoover Dam in Nevada.
On a Viking cruise down the Mississippi River, Mel and Beth Chafetz get a chance to pose with the Observer in front of the statue of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in Hannibal, Missouri.

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