Joseph Seger, Original Suffield Proprietor

On May 19, 1679, Joseph Seger was granted forty acres by John Pynchon’s Committee for Suffield.

A Moment in Time: Old Photos Invited from Our Readers

These three houses with deep front yards on the east side of North Main Street, pictured in about 1920, are still there, but all three have been significantly remodeled, and large trees have grown to obscure the view. Front to rear: #310, #318, #332.

Food for Thought

“Today is April Fools’ Day. Believe nothing, trust no one – just like any other day.” – Unknown

Suffield Rotary Club News

Suffield Rotary challenged the Knights of Columbus to a Cornhole Tournament at the end of January. The Knights won, but Suffield Rotary is practicing to regain the trophy. Knights – watch out!

West Suffield Fire Mark

In 1853 not having a fire mark could be disastrous. A hapless home-owner could find himself arguing price with three fire chiefs while his house burned to the ground.

The Answer is Bog Ore

Bog ore is the answer to the fifth question in the Suffield Trivia Contest located in the February issue of The Observer. The question was, “Suffield had a mineral found in swamps that was very useful.