Who Else Cares?

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Dear Editor,

False narratives about librarians having political agendas have been spread in town. Here’s the truth about librarians: We have a professional, ethical, and legal obligation to protect EVERYONE’S First Amendment rights regardless of our own personal beliefs.

Librarians provide resources without bias. Viewpoint neutrality is the refusal to deny people access to resources based on personal opinions or disagreements. The refusal or hesitation to remove or restrict books is not a political move. It’s the librarian fulfilling their legal obligation to protect YOUR constitutional rights.

Librarians believe parents have the ultimate say in what THEIR children read (and only their children). Controversial books exist in libraries. Their presence does not constitute a political agenda, an endorsement of ideas, or a violation of your rights. Government’s removal or restriction of books based on ideas (including removal from a display) IS an act of censorship and an infringement upon everyone’s First Amendment right to read.

Some Selectmen believe the November election indicates the community wants change relating to KML. Did you know, one of the newly appointed library commissioners is on record supporting acts of censorship, calling for removal or restriction of books based on ideas she finds objectionable? Is this the change you asked for? Is this just the start? Are you okay if we lose access to ideas because of someone’s ideological beliefs? Do you care? If you do, attend meetings, send emails, speak out in support of your freedom to read before you lose it because silence is complicity.

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