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Editorial Support
Matt Schmitt

I wanted to say how encouraging it was to read Eric Harrington’s Editorial in the March 2024 issue regarding the Federal Reserve. To the common person, the Fed is not very well understood, yet this “banking cartel,” as Mr. Harrington refers to it, has an outsized effect on the everyday life of all of us. This central bank has enormous power, and there should be a constant conversation about its role and whether or not it acts in a way that is beneficial to all.

I applaud Mr. Harrington for getting that conversation going. If anyone is interested in learning more about the Federal Reserve, I suggest the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin. Unfortunately, this book is not available through the Kent Memorial Library, nor any other local libraries, possibly due to its controversial content. However, it is available to read online for free through Archive.org.

Another Viewpoint
Karen Jason

I was truly disappointed and saddened by the First Selectman’s April Update. Rather than inform Suffield Residents about their town, the choice was to speak about an internal Human Resources issue that should have been dealt with internally.

We are living every day in a political drama that fosters the “us” vs “them” mentality, rather than concentrating on the “we’.
In my opinion, this issue has nothing to do with the town and everything to do with politics. It is my position that the decision made by the First Selectman and the Observer to print this in the “Update” was therefore, inappropriate.

Destructive Politics
Michael Haines, RTC Chair

Colin Moll’s First Selectman’s update in the April edition of the Observer, discussed certain actions taken by a resident against Selectman Kathie Harrington and also toward certain members of the Library Commission. This person (identified in the minutes of the April 3 Board of Selectman meeting) filed a baseless complaint with Selectman Kathie Harrington’s employer to get her disciplined or fired from her job. A complete investigation found there was no evidence supporting any of her claims. This woman filed her complaint after the Board of Selectman chose not to appoint her to the Library Commission – horrible. She then sought resumes for all new members of the Library Commission and let them know she had their personal information – intimidation. Acts like these are unconscionable and should not be tolerated by our Town.

The Suffield Democratic Leadership refuses to admit her conduct was wrong. To the contrary, the Democratic Town Committee issued a statement supporting her actions. This is now acceptable behavior, really? So, the new rule in Town is if you disagree with someone, you try to get them disciplined or fired from their job. Is this really what we want for our Town? How can our Town attract high quality volunteers if we allow these despicable actions to take over Suffield? Thank you to everyone who’s stood up for Kathie Harrington and our Library Commission members and thank you to everyone who has spoken out against this reprehensible conduct.

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