Remembering Senator Joe Lieberman

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For a short time, what seems like a lifetime ago, I worked for Senator Lieberman. That experience, and indeed the Senator himself opened up many doors for me for which I am forever grateful.

On the campaign, I had been called upon to drive members of his family to political events, including his mother, and in doing so I earned a spot on the short list of volunteer drivers. After the campaign, from time to time when I was in law school, Sherry Brown would call on me to volunteer to drive for him, usually on a Sunday.

I spent a lot of Sundays that way and I am so very grateful for those hours in the car. The conversations were always fascinating. I listened a lot. I also probably talked too much. He gave me great advice about politics, about the law, about life. One time I brought Michaela along while we were dating, and he joked what a poor choice for a date it was.

In one of those drives I told him I was thinking about running for State Representative. He told me in no uncertain terms that he would be there when I did. And he was, on the steps of Town Hall in Suffield when I announced my candidacy in 2006.

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There were a lot of illustrious names in the orbit of staff that surrounded such a career, and I won’t pretend that I knew him well or that the short time I worked for him even compared to so many others. But the time working for him meant a lot to me and he (and Sherry Brown) opened many doors for me. I never hurt for a recommendation or an introduction…He literally introduced me to then Senator Obama.

As, he did that day, and as I had watched him do to many, he always introduced me as his friend Derek. And at his retirement party, Michaela and I introduced him to a four-year-old Jack. He shook Jack’s hand and said “it’s nice to meet you, Jack. My name is Joe and I’m a friend of your Dad.”

Rest easy my friend. May your memory be a blessing.

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