From SVAA Explorer To Life Star Nurse

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Twenty-seven-year-old Justin Pedneault flies to the aid of the ill and injured in a Life Star helicopter. He and his colleagues serve a 150-mile radius from three bases, using critical thinking and evidence-based practice guidelines to save lives.

His resume is dotted with achievements. Eagle Scout. Paramedic. Trauma Intern. UConn Rescue Training Site Founder. UConn AED Program Founder. B.S. in Nursing. UConn Class of 2019. Registered Nurse. Seventeen certifications and licenses. SVAA Board of Directors.

Over a decade ago, while growing up in Manchester, Justin was inspired in his home to join the SVAA.

“My Dad, Stephen, rode as an EMT every other Saturday night in Suffield,” Justin said. “He came home on Sunday mornings and told us stories at 6 a.m. about where he had been and how he had helped others the night before.”

“At age 14, I became an Explorer. At age 17, I took my first EMT Class. I took advantage of every opportunity to learn and participate along the way, and that is how I got where I am.”

“The work is fulfilling,” he added. “I enjoy coming to Suffield because of the passion you feel in a place where people genuinely want to do the right thing. They go out of their way to provide the best care. What makes SVAA a place where I could thrive is how people just keep coming back and giving more. There’s a very supportive family environment here. We help each other. I get to be a part of it.”

Justin’s father, Stephen, his original inspiration, also continues to be a part of it, still riding as an EMT for the SVAA in his 25th year. Justin is in his twelfth year with SVAA, having been on hundreds of calls, and is presently serving on three committees.
Chief John Spencer has worked with Justin for four and a half years and sees how Pedneault benefits our community and our state.

“Justin is one of a kind. We have many talented people, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever find another Justin considering what he’s accomplishing here and at the state level. While at UConn, Justin invested his extra energies into improving the medical culture and infrastructure in Storrs. After graduating, he shifted that energy to making improvement in EMS practice in both Suffield and at the State level.

“Justin is an active member of our Clinical Care Committee, which reviews innovation and emerging technology to see how we can improve our medical practice. He is also leading a statewide initiative in which EMTs may be authorized to insert rescue airway devices in patients, a practice previously reserved for Advanced EMTs or Paramedics.”

The SVAA gave Pedneault his start and a pathway. Don Miner, SVAA Board of Director member, explains, “Justin took advantage of an opportunity to jumpstart his career here. We offer training and development to our people…This sets the SVAA apart; it is part of what brings passion to our culture, and a reason why our volunteers choose to stay.”

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