Slow Progress at the Library

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Fixing the air conditioning problem at the Kent Memorial Library described in last month’s report has been frustratingly slow. And, as noted before, the pilot test to evaluate the recommended PCB remediation method cannot proceed until the HVAC system is working normally. Main Enterprises, the Stratford HVAC contractor who purchased and installed the Aaon reversing valve now identified as the cause of the malfunction, has ordered a replacement. Main is willing to pay its cost – the warrantee having expired during the long delay since its installation. But the Town must stand the substantial cost of its installation. At mid-September, Main had not yet said when they will do the work.

Town Facilities Manager Julie Oakes advised that it may be the end of the year before the results of the pilot test are known and plans can be made for the more general PCB remediation. That’s assuming the results of the test are positive and funds can be obtained for the work.

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