100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library, who is expanding her considerable abilities in historical research.

 May 2

 A number of thefts of automobile tires and other articles found in private garages in the town have been reported. At the garage of Town Treasurer S.R. Spencer one night this [week] two brand-new tires were taken, as well as blankets and tools …  The time is not far distant when this town will have patrolmen on the streets at night and a law that all automobilists going through a town after midnight, should be stopped and give their names and business before proceeding.  

The green station in Boston Neck [Boston Neck Road at East Street South], that has sheltered trolley patrons and others for several years, has gone – disappeared over night as it were. It is rumored that “Pete” Richey will utilize the lumber for a chicken coop. No more will the moonlight dancers “jazz” beneath its historic roof, and the biting winter winds will have free access to the forms of waiting passengers. It was not a thing of beauty, but it will be missed.

May 9

Webster E. Burbank, Aged 78 years, one of the oldest residents of the town died at this home near the Thompsonville bridge last Friday night … The deceased was a prominent figure in town affairs  … He was always interested in town matters and seldom missed a meeting, being present at the adjourned town meeting held in March. He was always the champion of the farmers and never hesitated to criticize things that seemed unjust or unfair.

The regular quarterly meeting of the directors of the Kent Memorial Library was held at the library Monday evening … The meeting was of special interest to the directors as it marked twenty-five years of existence of the library… 

May 16

The plant of the Wabeek Spring Water Company [now Hastings Farm] was destroyed by fire last Saturday night with a loss of about $9,000, which is partially covered by insurance. 

The fire was discovered by George A. Peckham, who lives near the plant. The plant is located outside of the fire limits of the village so that no help could be given by the fire company … 

May 23

The fair under the auspices of the Sacred Heart church opened in the Town hall last evening with a supper at which fully five hundred were served. Following the supper dancing was indulged in and a general good time enjoyed … Last evening was the first time that the Town hall has been used since its renovation and much pleasure was expressed at the dainty and artistic manner in which it has been treated.

There was a large attendance at the strawberry supper given by the ladies of the Congregational church Wednesday evening, in spite of the bad weather, and a goodly sum was realized for the church.

May 30

The Suffield School won the Yale interscholastic meet in New Haven last Saturday with a score of 31 points.

The Hartford & Springfield Street Railway Company to-day completed arrangements whereby they will operate the lines of the Suffield Street Railway Company, which extends from Spencer’s corner [Main Street South at Kent Avenue] to the state line. 

The road will be operated under a lease from the Connecticut Company, which owns the stock of the Suffield company.

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