350th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

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1. The early Polish farmers in Suffield and other towns in the northern Connecticut River Valley are credited with rejuvenating the soil that the Yankee farmers had depleted of nutrients. They did that by:

a.  lots of manure

b. Rotating crops

c. Adding chemical nutrients

2. Of the original Polish dairy farms in Suffield, which is operational to this day?

a. Bielonko

b. Kuras

c. Drenzek

3. According to the 1900 Federal Census, approximately how many Polish immigrants were living in Suffield?

a. 50

b. 100

c. 150

4. In 1930, the first Polish American to be elected as a Selectman in Suffield was

a. Leon Gorski

b. Leon Falkowski

c. Leon Buczynski

5. Which of the following Polish Americans did not serve as a Selectman in Suffield?

a.  Zak

b. Harry Zera

c. John H. Zavisza

6. The Three Figs restaurant location was once owned and run by Bruno Kulas and his son, Paul, for almost 50 years. Under their ownership what was the name of the restaurant?

a. Suffield Tavern

b. Suffield Inn

c. Suffield House

7. The Farmington Canal was originally planned to connect Long Island Sound to the St. Lawrence Seaway. It never reached either point, but what were its two final connection points?

a. Farmington, Conn. and Springfield, Mass.

b. New Haven, Conn. and Pittsfield, Mass.

c. New Haven, Conn. and Northampton, Mass.

8. Robbie Hitt is a real hitter. A 2014 Suffield graduate, he got his own baseball card when he was drafted by what national team?

a. Boston Red Sox

b. Milwaukee Brewers

c. Chicago Cubs

9. With thirty-five years as a coach plus three undefeated seasons, 21 NCCC championships, eight All-American individual athletes trained, a 1990 Connecticut Track Coach of the Year award, a 2004 Suffield High School (SHS)Athletic Hall of Fame award, and 2016 Connecticut Indoor Track Coach award, this man also had the Suffield High School track named after him. Who is he?

a. Dan Sullivan

b. Joe Sinicrope

c. Robert Cecchini (Mr. C)

10. Who is the current headmaster at Suffield Academy?

a. David Holmes

b. Appleton Seaverns 

c. Charlie Cahn

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