350th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

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1. In October 2008, WNPR came to Suffield because it was a “swing town”. What does that mean?

a. A town with a strong commitment to music programs in the schools and community

b. A town of avid golfers

c. A town with a near balance of Republicans and Democrats

2. One of the distinctions of the Suffield class of 1943 was

a. They held a reunion every year

b. They were the first class to spend four years at the newly built high school

c. Hawley Rising, one of Suffield’s eminent historians, was a member of the class

3. For nearly ten years, from approximately 1998 to 2008, the Suffield Fire Department had a dalmation dog as a mascot. What was her name?

a. Ashes

b. Cinders

c. Sparky

4. Bill Zaczynski, an Enfield police lieutenant and Suffield resident, designed a lapel pin which raised over $200,000 for the Silver Shield, which helps children of police officers killed in the line of duty. What did the pin commemorate?

a. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

b. The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of 2012

c. Boston Marathon bombing of 2013

5. Since 2007, a Memorial Day picnic has been held at the Sportsman’s Club in West Suffield to honor the memory of:

a. U.S. Navy Electronics Technician 2nd Class Dustin Doyon

b. USMC Corporal Stephen Bixler

c. Glenn Packard

6. In 1908, a meeting of the milk producers’ union met in Suffield Union Hall and voted to fix the price of a quart of milk, effective in October 1 of that year. What price did they agree to?

a. 1 cent

b. 4.5 cents

c. 10 cents

7. A branch of the Boy Scouts of America was active in Suffield in the 1930s. They built a clubhouse on River Boulevard, which is now a home. What was the Boy Scout branch?

a. Venture Crew

b. Sea Scout

c. Explore

8. What is the Jesse Fowler Smith Herbarium?

a. A plot of land in the Jesse Fowler Smith Memorial Forest planted with herbs used by the early colonists of Suffield.

b. A library of books on medicinal plants collected by Jesse Fowler Smith

c. A collection of preserved and pressed plant specimen found in Suffield

9. Denny Zimmerman won the soap box derby championship for Connecticut in 1953. He later participated in what car race where he won Rookie of the Year in 1971?

a. Lime Rock Park

b. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

c. The Daytona International Speedway.

10. For a few years on Sunday mornings, beginning in 2006, the St. Joseph Church on South Main Street:

a. Provided a pancake breakfast for homeless people

b. Broadcast a trumpet call

c. Summoned parishioners with the tolling of the Royal Bells of Poland

The answers can be found here.

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