350th Anniversary Trivia Contest

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1. The signature event of the Friends of Suffield is Suffield on the Green and Craft Fair. What was the group’s original name?

a. Women of Suffield

b. Jaycee Wives

c. Club Women

2. Sacred Heart Church used what building for its congregation while the original Sacred Heart was being built?

a. St. Joseph Church

b. Academy Hall

c. West Suffield Fire Station

3. The Masonic Lodge situated on Bridge Street across from the Suffield Senior Center was previously at another location. Where was the original site?

a. Where the Kent Memorial Library is situated

b. Where Suffield Hardware is located.

c. On the site of the Veterans’ Memorial

4. Which answer is correct concerning the Suffield Land Conservancy, which was formed in 1980?

a. The town was offered the Luther Spencer property adjacent to Sunrise Park which was at first refused by the Board of Selectmen and then two years later, the purchase was defeated in a referendum

b. Astrid Hanzalek was part of the founding committee

c. Nearly 50 percent of the Metacomet Trail in Suffield has been preserved by the group.

5. Before the Suffield Players bought Mapleton Hall in 1999, the Hall was home to what group?

a. The Grange

b. United States Post Office

c. A Methodist Church

6. Which of the following is correct concerning the Suffield Rotary Club?

a. The Rotary was started in 1901

b. Rotary only funds scholarships to high school seniors

c. Christine Hoffacker became the club’s first woman president in 1998

7. Who is the managing editor of The Suffield Observer?

a. Mary Ann Muska

b. Ruth Zimmerman

c. Ann Kannen

8. There are many favorite columns in the Observer. Which of these columns is not published in the paper?

a. 100 Years Ago in Suffield

b. Now and Then

c. Digging in the Dirt

9. On the evening before New Year’s Eve in 1983, what catastrophe befell The King House Museum, causing immense damage?

a. A pipe burst, flooding the main floor of the house

b. A vandal broke into the house smashing some priceless treasures

c. A fire started in the cellar and did considerable damage.

10. Today, the 2nd Baptist Church has a water tank to immerse its members for baptism. But before that, in the 19th century, what did they use?

a. Stony Brook

b. The Connecticut River

c. A swimming hole on Blossom Street

Answers can be found here.

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