350th Anniversary Trivia

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  1. Which club planted the original dogwoods on Main Street?
    a. The Woman’s Club b. The Suffield Beautification Committee
    c. The Suffield Garden Club
  2. During World War II, Bradley Field was the location for what?
    a. An Army air base
    b. A Red Cross Station Hospital
    c. A Training base for Chinese pilots
  3. In 1964, Mary Edwards, a well-known Hartford landscape architect, designed a garden for what Suffield property?
    a. Hugh Alcorn’s house
    b. The Suffield Academy
    c. The Phelps-Hatheway House
  4. What are the Fatal Vision Goggles which are available from the Suffield Local Prevention Council (SLPC)?
    a. They provide vision support to people who play Pokemon Go in order to prevent fatalities while playing the game.
    b. They allow participants to experience the effects of alcohol on their vision
    c. They are night vision goggles for people with impaired night vision
  5. True or False? The Woman’s Club has generously contributed time and money to many projects including all of the following: The Club purchased two plots of land for the American Legion and People’s State Forests, sold $7,725 in war bonds during World War II, gave the “4th of July” painting by A.N. Howland to Spaulding School, and adopted children in foreign lands
  6. How many years has the Suffield Woman’s Club been in existence?
    a. 85 years
    b. 125 years
    c. 110 years
  7. The Suffield Sportsmen’s Association began as
    a. The Over the Mountain Hunting Association
    b. The Windsor Locks Gun Club
    c. The Harvey Fish and Game Club
  8. How many pheasants are stocked each year on the grounds of the Suffield Sportsmen’s Association?
    a. 1,340
    b. 800
    c. 1,500
  9. Each year, the Friends of the Kent Memorial Library hold a book sale to fund programs and other needs of the library. In what month does the book sale take place?
    a. May
    b. September
    c. October
  10. The earliest Suffield Boy Scout troop was formed in what year?
    a. 1929
    b. 1914
    c. 1948
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