ShopRite Kindness Award

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Gretchen Gustafson

Each month Suffield High School chooses a student to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award, given to a student who has shown kindness in one way or another. The student chosen has demonstrated one or more of the following characteristics: exemplary citizenship, civic awareness, responsibility, leadership, commitment to others and helping others. In addition to the honorary recognition, ShopRite will donate $50 to the charity of the student’s choice.

Congratulations o Gretchen Gustafson, who was chosen to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award for October.

Gretchen was nominated by Ms. Lisa Goodwin who said, “Gretchen was a student of mine in Honors Algebra II last year. She came to me at the beginning of this year and asked if she could help in my Wildcat period, classroom tutoring students two days a week. After watching Gretchen in my classroom over the past two months, I have seen her display all the qualities for the ShopRite Kindness Award. She has Exemplary Citizenship because she wanted to help others be more successful in math. She exhibits civic awareness because she knows she can help others with her awesome math abilities. Responsibility is something Gretchen showed last year as well as this year; she always has her homework done and is prepared for all assessments. She knows her grades are important. Gretchen most definitely has leadership and commitment to others. She does not hesitate to ask other students if they need help. Many of them look up to her in class and are excited she is there when they arrive.

Lastly and most obvious, Gretchen displays helping others. Tutoring her peers on a weekly basis is a sure sign that she wants to assist her classmates and me. “Way to go, Gretchen!!!” 

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