Bridge Street School Concern

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Dear Editor,

I am extremely dismayed at the recent developments regarding the town community center at Bridge Street School. A referendum was passed in 2015 by residents of the Town of Suffield to refurbish and re-purpose the Bridge Street School as a community center. Four years have passed and zero positive progress has occurred to move the project forward. No abatement monies approved, with the Selectman and Board of Finance each pointing fingers as to why. Then in September 2017 Ms. Mack bypassed the entire Board of Selectmen, and made the decision on her own to “cancel” the capital project approved in the referendum. There appears to be in Suffield a cadre of people in power who have the mantra of “If it’s not on my agenda, I’m going to see to it that it never happens.” Now we are facing a “do-over” question regarding the fate of the school. Essentially asking to “void” the previous referendum, setting an ugly precedent, and crushing voter confidence in the system. This has never happened before, and Suffield voters must not allow the derailment of their voting decisions to become a given. Referendums and their outcomes have consequences, and elected officials have no right to assert their own agenda over the will of the people.

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