Suffield Community Aid is a Treasure

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Dear Editor,

I’d like to take the time to recognize and thank Suffield Community Aid for their dedication and generosity for all the services they provide for Suffield residents.

I’ve been a resident of Suffield for three years. I was impressed with the organization for the equipment they lent me after a difficult surgery and recovery. Then I attended grief support sessions after the loss of my father. The sessions were truly helpful and not only were they free but lunch was provided each week. My son and his family moved to Suffield last year. They have struggled during a job loss, and Suffield Community Aid offered a helping hand.

I was overwhelmed at the generosity of the Suffield community and the baskets which were provided for Thanksgiving and December holidays. It warms my heart to see such caring for strug-gling people. The holidays can be difficult, but with the community’s help, this young family was able to enjoy themselves with a delicious meal and gifts for the children, all donated by the residents of Suffield and Suffield Community Aid. Thank you for the work you do!

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