Where in the World is the Observer?

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Surrounded by pigeons who enjoy the spray from the Casablanca Courthouse fountains, Jay and Johanne Presser are pictured in Morocco during their February visit. With them is Donna Kaminski, center, who attended Suffield Academy 30 years ago, so Johanne showed her the Observer with the recent news from Suffield.

The Suffield Observer visited the “Rocket Garden” at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on February 14 with Suffield residents Ann and Dave Kannen (holding the paper in front of a Saturn 1B launch vehicle, part of the Apollo space program). The Kannens were visiting to see the latest Space X mission launch from Cape Canaveral. Space X and select private companies form the new NASA-managed NASA/Commercial SLS space collaborative. The new, cost-effective SLS program is scheduled to resume launching astronauts into space from Cape Canaveral in 2021.
The Eastman family included the Observer in this picture on Te Mata Peak in Havelock, New Zealand. From the left: Samuel, Katherine, Gretchen (Rea), Marty and Robin Eastman. This was Samuel’s first time leaving the country.
One of the amenities of “glamping” in this comfortable Moroccan campsite is the supply of important newspapers, so Michele Holcombe could relax and enjoy reading the Observer. After all, when you’ve seen one Saharan dune, what’s the point of hiking to view some more.

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