Letter to the Editor

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As I’ve read the Observer over the years, I have noted that it has become more of an opinion vehicle than an objective source of information.

The treatment of the First Selectman, whether it be within the opinion section, the comic within the “Food for Thought” section or the tone of the articles that are written always tend to be on the negative side. I know that, in this political climate, it’s acceptable that the media have the free reign to exhibit these sorts of bias without repercussion, but I think it’s wearing thin.

Melissa Mack is always trying to do what is best for this town. I see it in her actions, her decisions and her directions. I know that some of those decisions are not popular with some especially vocal people, but if I look at the overall picture, what she does helps us all 100% of the time. So, I would ask that you sometimes – even if it’s only every third or fourth issue – publish something positive about her and the results of her being in her role.

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