Suffield Trivia

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1. What did Olga C. Wever of West Suffield file a patent for in 1925?

a. A doll b. A traffic signal c. A folding golf club

2. In 1894, Terry’s Island, now called King’s Island, situated in the Connecticut River between Suffield and Enfield, was sold to a business corporation for what…?

a. A salmon fishery plant b. A fertilizer plant c. An electrical plant

3. Howard F. Russell, of Suffield, was the president of The New England Tobacco Growers Association in February 1923 when the group adopted a resolution opposing something. What was it?

a. The Ku Klux Clan b. Daylight savings time c. Federal incentives not to grow tobacco

4. Edmund Halladay packed up a half ton of Connecticut’s best tobacco crop in 1904 and shipped it to….

a. The Louisiana Purchase Exposition b. The White House c. Cigar-smoking Mark Twain to console him on the death of this wife

5. In 1902, residents in Suffield and many other towns were alarmed by an outbreak of smallpox. One of the terms for the place where smallpox patients were sent for isolation was …

a. The bug house b. The pest house c. The waste house

6. Dr. William E. Caldwell traced a diphtheria outbreak in 1913 at Bridge Street School to what source?

a. Bathrooms b. Pencils c. Valentine cards

7.Tthe Suffield Sacred Heart parish separated from the Windsor Locks parish on November 1 of what year?

a. 1925 b. 1913 c. 1901

8. In what year did George Hendee buy up six farms in Suffield? The outcome of this sales transaction was the Hilltop Farm estate.

a. 1913 b. 1925 c. 1901

9. In 1915, this term was used for a psychiatrist in the Norwich Bulletin when discussing the plight of a Suffield man who was committed to a reformatory on a manslaughter charge.

a. Brainist b. Alienist c. Sensist

10. It was the hottest day of the year on July 10, 1911 in Suffield. Thirty horses were rendered unfit to work on the Hinsdale Smith plantation and 11 men were overcome in the tobacco fields. How hot did the thermometer register in the sun?

a. 132 b. 127 c. 110


1. c. Design for a folding golf club

2. c. A plant to provide electricity for cars, mills and lighting

3. b. Daylight savings time

4. a. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, a major World’s Fair

5. b. The pest house

6. b. Pencils which the children put in their mouths

7. b. 1913

8. a. 1913

9. b. Alienist

10. b. 127

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