Suffield Trivia

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  1. A bill presented to the State Senate in April 1917, got a “severe wallop” following an adverse report in the House the week before.  State Senator Charles Spenser from Suffield was among those who voted yes to kill the bill.  What was the bill about?
    1. Agreeing to enter World War I,
    2. Giving women the right to vote in Connecticut,
    3. The setting up of an internment camp for German-born aliens  
  2. Edmund Halladay sent 4,800 pounds of something to Washington D.C. for federal inspection in 1906.  What was it?
    1. Soil   b.  Tomatoes  c.  Tobacco
  3. In 1911, there was big talk of the weather as Suffield and Connecticut had been experiencing dramatic weather, including droughts that severely damaged crops in previous years.  How did Connecticut newspapers spell drought back then?
    1. Drut    b.  Drouth  c.  Droth
  4. What does this 1919 headline about Suffield mean?  “License Forces Swing 8 Towns to Wet Column”
    1. Suffield would be able to tap into a regional sewer system in order to irrigate tobacco fields during a drought
    2. Alcohol could be sold in Suffield
    3. Firefighters in Suffield were allowed to get water from the public water supply
  5. In 1922, Suffield was under quarantine for what disease?
    1. Rabies   b.  Measles  c.  Whooping cough
  6. The first place that state police started a statewide crackdown was in Suffield in September 1921 during which the police arrested six people.  What was the crackdown about?
    1. Illegal gambling
    2. The selling of contraband
    3. Racing cars with noisy exhausts   
  7. A Suffield man was shot and rounded up during a most spectacular raid made on 100 men in Springfield.  What did the raid target?
    1. A cock fighting derby b.  The sale of wood alcohol  c.  Gambling
  8. Old-time drummer William B. Drake from Suffield was a well-known traveling salesman in the area sometime before 1910.  What commercial good did he sell?
    1. Vegetables  b.  Handmade cigars  c.  Bottled water
  9. “The Western Connecticut News” called the end of the 1907 Connecticut legislative session a disgrace.  One of the legislators was Mr. Burbank from Suffield.  What happened?
    1. The legislature voted to outlaw public kissing  
    2. Legislators were drenched by their colleagues with dirty water streamed from a firehose 
    3. Mr. Burbank struck a fellow legislator with a cane, crippling him
  1. Suffield has had some notable trees.  Which tree is still standing in Suffield?
    1. Spencer oak  b.  Washington elm  c.  Charter oak scion


  1. b.  Giving women the right to vote in Connecticut
  2. a.  Soil in order to find a way to prevent root rot in tobacco.     
  3. b.  Drouth
  4. b.  Alcohol could be sold in Suffield
  5. a.  Rabies
  6. c.  Racing cars with noisy exhausts 
  7. a.  Cock fighting derby
  8. b.  Handmade cigars
  9. b.  Legislators were drenched by their colleagues with dirty water streamed from a firehose.
  10. c.  Charter oak scion

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