How Covid-19 Has Affected Students

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In February 2020, most Suffield students had found themselves continuing to endure a busy and demanding schedule, on track to finish the school year strong; however, Covid-19 suddenly put the year on pause, instilling boredom, fear and loneliness in many.

Since the 2019-2020 school year was suspended, students and teachers were forced to continue schooling online. Learning from a distance was something completely different from how students typically learn while they are in school: No easy access to teachers, no science labs, no collaborative activities, no variety among the assignment. Each day always seemed the same, as it was a challenge for teachers to deliver an assignment in a unique manner that wasn’t difficult for students to navigate or understand. Such a style of learning got really old really fast. Students had to read way more textbook pages than normal, watch long video lessons, and take many notes in order to absorb the content being taught. This was a challenge to many as this is not how SHS prefers their students to learn, and students are used to much more engaging activities.

The sudden suspension of school initially left students excited for a two-week vacation, but once the date kept getting pushed back, most students grew uncertain and afraid, especially Suffield seniors. At the time, so much was up in the air. Are we going to go back? Are spring sports going to start? Are we going to have prom? The spring musical? Graduation? As time crept on, the answer to all of these questions ended up being the one nobody wanted to hear: no. So many days were spent hoping that one day the clouds would lift and the sun would shine again, but that day never came. One after another, the annual events of the spring kept getting cancelled. This was unfortunate to all SHS students, but especially our seniors, whose last semester of high school was ripped away by Covid-19. Time eventually ran out for the Class of 2020 to make up any of these memories.

Not only could students not socialize at the several cancelled school events, they could not even continue to socialize outside of school. Many students depend on socialization to keep their spirits up, so once everybody was directed to stay home, it became difficult to do so. The importance of social distancing kept most people in their homes for months on end without any contact with the outside world. Being cooped up for weeks and weeks eventually starts to get to a young person, instilling intense feelings of sadness and loneliness.

So much about Covid-19 is still uncertain, so it is important that the Suffield community continues to be there for its students.

Olivia Tibbets

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