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The P. and P. No doubt you hear more than enough about Politics and the Pandemic, but I would like to add a little more. Hopefully, since people will start to get the vaccine, things will get better, but before they do there will be more deaths. And besides all those who died, you must add all the People who love them and that makes those already large numbers unthinkable.

As for the Politics, things are very frightening. I’m 86 and have never seen a year like this. I remember Tip O’Neill, a Democratic Senator, who saw that the parties tried to work together. Where are our Tip O’Neills today? I do think, though, that we live in one of the better states. When people were rioting over the killing of George Floyd, there was a gathering that shut down Route 84 for a short time, but there was no looting or violence. And in my experience people are polite and wearing masks.

It must be a difficult time to be a governor and although it is not possible to please everyone and get everything right, he is doing a good job. As for the country and what is happening in Washington, I can just hope there will be no more violence in the future.

And on a ‘lighter” note, the Christmas lights in town were wonderful and just what we needed in this difficult time.

Carol Martin

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