Moxy Boutique Returns to Suffield

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Photo provided by Andrea Sullivan

Moxy Boutique proprietor Andrea Sullivan, in her South Hadley store.

Suffield residents can look forward to welcoming back a familiar friend, Moxy Boutique. This upscale boutique and fine jewelry store, originally started in Suffield in 2011, is returning to the Lily House Bed and Breakfast property, whose garage is being expanded to house the boutique. The store will be on two floors in the expanded building.

Owner Andrea Sullivan explains why she is returning to Suffield. She and husband, Brian DiLascia, now own Lily House B&B, where they fell in love and were later married in September 2020. Brian’s mother, Lorraine Mancini, actually started and operated Lily House as an inn for more than 15 years, so it is like coming home.

Suffield will be Moxy Boutique’s second location, the current being in the Village Commons in South Hadley, Mass. Like all businesses, the pandemic had a significant impact. The South Hadley store was temporarily closed, while online ordering did continue, with curbside pickup available. COVID-19 safety guidelines were implemented once re-opening was permissible and those guidelines will be observed in Suffield as well. Because pandemic concerns continue, Andrea shares that there will be no grand opening in Suffield at this time. She will, however, hold one when it is safe to do so.

What should shoppers expect to see when visiting the Suffield Moxy Boutique? There will be something for everyone. Andrea will carry both timeless and trendy women’s clothing and accessories that appeal to a wide age group. There will be jewelry designed with natural stones created by local artists, and she will carry gold, diamonds and sterling silver. Andrea knows there’s nothing quite like a new outfit or accessory to give a little extra boost and help bump up that self-confidence. She enjoys being able to help her patrons find those special pieces that will add a spark to their day. What will make the Suffield location unique is a selection of items made in New England, including maple syrup, bath bombs, and bee products like lip balm. Items for the convenience of Lily House guests will also be in the mix.

Moxy Boutique’s opening is targeted for the end of April, nicely a short time before Mother’s Day in May. Store hours are expected to be Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hiring is in progress at this time, and Andrea can be contacted at 413-887-4177 if anyone is interested in a sales clerk opportunity.

A New England native, Andrea has worked all over the world but continued to feel the pull to return because, after all, there is no place like home. You can visit Moxy’s website at 

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