Moxy Boutique Returns to Suffield

Suffield residents can look forward to welcoming back a familiar friend, Moxy Boutique. This upscale boutique and fine jewelry store, originally started in Suffield in 2011, is returning to the Lily House Bed and Breakfast property, whose garage is being expanded to house the boutique.

New Horse Arena Built

It’s not uncommon for an out-of-town contractor to build something in Suffield, but since late February, a crew from Quarry View Building Group has been commuting weekly all the way from Lancaster, Penn. They specialize in timber frames and event space construction, and many of the builders are Amish.

I’ll Figure It Out

Did you know that April 12-18, 2020, is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week? Coincidentally, the same week is also National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

Cooking Will Prepare Your Child For Life

While children are home during this period, it might be a good opportunity to extend learning beyond school classes to some basic life lessons. Sewing on a button, sorting and folding laundry, sweeping a floor and basic yardwork are all examples of small tasks that can occupy time and prepare a child for life.

SPD Study Improvements in Progress

As reported previously, the 59-page Suffield Police Department (SPD) Management Operational Study was released on October 30, 2019. It contains ten fundamental finding areas around criminal investigations, organizational structure, employee morale, training, and staffing.