New Eagle Flies on Town Hall

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Photo by Lester Smith

Early on the last Saturday of July, Art Diaz, president of Eagle Rivet Roofing, gave the town a very nice present. During recent roof repairs on the town hall, his crew had become aware that the old eagle weathervane mounted on the cupola had lost a wing. It had also lost the vane that should point the eagle into the wind. Having completed several previous roof repair and replacement projects for Suffield, Diaz, a Suffield resident for many years, decided he would offer the town a new eagle.

He found a shop in Maine that could make one, and he and two of his crew installed it. It took all morning to do the work, which involved some challenges with corroded bolts and the need to re-shape the new base to fit the cupola’s dome. Fortunately, the weather was windless and pleasant, and the polished copper of the new eagle glistened brightly in the noonday sun.

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