Polish Heritage Society

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Coronavirus strikes again! Like so many other organizations, the Polish Heritage Society (PHS) has been looking forward to resuming its monthly, first-Wednesday meetings for the first time in a year and a half. The September 2021 issue of the Suffield Historical Society newsletter, “Stony Brook Currents,” listed three upcoming meetings in October, November, and December. Unfortunately, our gracious hosts at the Suffield Ambulance Center have found it necessary to close their doors to the general public to protect our first responders’ health. Therefore, the October 6 meeting has been canceled, and subsequent sessions will depend on further developments. Please watch for additional announcements.

Jim Turek and I had a busy weekend at Suffield on the Green recently. The Polish Heritage Society tent had a relatively steady flow of visitors interested in our displays. Many of them were long-time PHS members, but there were plenty of potential participants. The visitors included second and third-generation Polish Americans as well as quite a few native Poles who have come to the United States since about 1990.

The PHS looks forward to expanding its membership to include younger Polish Americans and those native-born. Please “Like us” at our Facebook group “Suffield Polish Heritage Society” and watch for future announcements. It may be time to start holding Zoom meetings, especially for those interested in genealogy.

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