Always Growing

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Spring, a season of growth. Buds are blooming, plants are sprouting and the air blows with promise. The new season is an opportune time for self-reflection and personal growth. It’s easy to get stuck in our daily routines. Life can become predictable, and it can be easier to follow the path of least resistance.

A 93-year-old woman takes a college class every semester. She says it keeps her young and her mind active. A man changes his career path after twenty years of prior employment as a police officer; he now maintains the greens at a golf course. He enjoys the slower pace and being able to be outside every day. A mom who was a hairdresser for years, goes back to college after her kids have grown and are off on their own. She is now a licensed traveling nurse. She loves being able to help people. Each of these stories is true and about real people.

Change can be intimidating; starting a new job, graduating high school and leaving the house for the first time, volunteering for a new organization or trying a new hobby. The point is life isn’t a one-track train. We can change direction at any fork. Our ability to continue trying new things and learning and growing from our experiences is what life’s all about. The path may be bumpy, there could be some roadblocks, but the journey is the experience. Life isn’t just about the destination.

Each of life’s phases and seasons provides wisdom and perspective. May the spring sun light the path that’s best for you now. I am challenging myself to new experiences and exploring new paths, and I challenge you too. Your journey can be healthy for yourself and inspiring to those who may look up to you.

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