Pedestrians Watch Out!

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According to the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center, 2022 “could become one of the more deadly years for pedestrians in the state, continuing a troubling trend.” The number of pedestrians killed has more than doubled in Connecticut from 26 in 2011 to 65 in 2021. These deaths were due, in part to “a combination of larger and heavier cars, higher speeds and distracted drivers.”

While the state DOT is promoting bike lanes and sidewalks to make it safer for pedestrians and bikers, it’s also the responsibility of those of us who walk along the roadways to know the safety rules. I cannot count the number of times I have seen walkers moving in the same direction as the flow of traffic, more often than not in dark clothing, which makes it harder for drivers to see them. I can’t understand why anyone would want cars and trucks to approach them from the rear. Wouldn’t you want to see the vehicle that might hit you? You never will if they’re coming from behind.

Always assume that the drivers don’t see you, especially at dusk or dawn when it’s harder for drivers to see. Just because you can see that big car or truck, doesn’t mean they see you. Be ready to move if it looks like they might come too close. You won’t get that opportunity if the vehicles are coming at you from behind.

Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors. Be smart and walk facing traffic.

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