Packard Tournament Succeeds Again

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August 12 was probably the best weather day of our summer. The sky was clear, the heatwave had ended, and over 140 golfers were assembled at Oak Ridge Golf Course. The reason, of course, was to participate in the 31st Annual Glenn T. Packard Golf Tournament. For those unfamiliar, this golf tournament has honored the memory of Glenn who, at the age of 31, was tragically killed in a car accident on Route 91. Glenn had been a National Honor Society student at Suffield High School. He was an outstanding athlete in three varsity sports. He was an All-State player in soccer, and he was on the 1978 State Soccer Championship Team. Returning to Suffield after graduating from Notre Dame, he remained active in supporting all forms of local youth sports programs. After his untimely death, some close friends created a foundation in his name to be funded by an annual memorial golf tournament in his honor. The tournament goal has always been “to enhance the quality of educational sports and recreational programs in the community.”

Photo by Jay Presser
Banners for the event were hung at the inviting entrance to the Packard Tournament at the Oak Ridge Golf Course.

Eventually, at the request of the foundation’s founders, the Suffield Rotary, pledging to keep it faithful to its founding goals assumed the honor, task and responsibility of coordinating the tournament. The tournament is blessed to add new participants every year, and to welcome back many who have played for decades. Some were friends or family of Glenn, others were interested in honoring his memory, and some may have just found it to be a good reason to return to Suffield to reunite with old friends.

Photo by Jay Presser
On a beautiful day in August, a large crowd of golfers line up in their carts waiting to tee off.

Numerous sponsors have continued to donate yearly, and volunteers from the Interact Club of SHS and the Rotary Club do what is necessary to run a successful tournament. Like so many before them, this year’s participants had a great time while honoring Glenn and supporting our community. Proceeds from the tournament are used within our Suffield community. The money raised during the first 30 years of this event has allowed us to donate over $400,000 to further supporting and enhancing our community. All that and a beautiful day on the links.

Photo by Christina Fitch
Danielle Annibalini, Flo Packard and Diane Annibalini at the opening of the Glenn Packard Tournament.

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