Rotary Proceeding with Packard Golf Tournament

During the coronavirus quarantine the operations of the Suffield Rotary, like every other business and organization, could not be business as usual. For example, it had to forego the camaraderie shared at weekly dinner meetings and settle for periodic Zoom meetings.

July Observer in Print Again!

As our state and country reopens we are delighted to let our readers and advertisers know that while this June edition will only be available online, we plan to begin printing again with a July (and a special August edition) delivered to the mailboxes of all Suffield residents.

Chairman’s Notes

Included in this issue, you will see a Letter to the Editor from Michael Stevens, regarding his perception, undoubtedly shared by others, that too many articles, editorials and cartoons demonstrate a negative tone, particularly in respect to our First Selectman.

Police Pension Issue Resolution Pending

A festering dispute relating to a police officer’s pension resulted in disputes between the local Police Union and (some members of) the Police Commission (including our regular cartoonist Rick Stromoski), and the First Selectman’s Office. At this time, it appears that the dispute, while not fully resolved, has come to a head.

Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association Honors Volunteers

The Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association (SVAA) held its annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner on April 6 at Crestview Country Club. Organized by a committee comprising Kathy Dunai, Joan Perrone, Ashley Godin, Kirstin Carr, and me, the event is held to honor the many volunteers, both from in–town and nearby towns, who volunteer to serve the community.

Suffield’s Best

At a recent Rotary meeting I was listening to the achievements already accomplished by our SHS Student of the Month. It left me with confidence that the young lady would proceed to accomplish “big things” in life.