Board of Education Goals

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The Suffield Board of Education establishes a set of annual goals that serve to guide our district in a myriad of ways. Multi-year strategic planning, annual advancement plans, school-based priorities, budgeting, and resource allocation are all significantly influenced by the BOE Goals, and we look forward to the direction and guidance they provide.

For this year, the following goals were formally adopted by the Suffield Board of Education:

  1. Collaborative Partnerships: The Suffield Public Schools will be a collaborative partner with parents, guardians, staff and other community resources to ensure the academic, social and emotional needs of students are met.
  2. Student Achievement: The Suffield Public Schools will systematically collect and use meaningful data to measure student achievement and growth, provide interventions and improve instructional practices.
  3. Professional Growth: The Suffield Public Schools will provide opportunities for professional growth to cultivate a talented workforce that will contribute to a challenging, innovative and collaborative culture defined by continuous improvement.
  4. Building Blocks to Success: The Suffield Public Schools will develop curriculum and provide programming to engage students in rigorous, dynamic, and relevant learning experiences in alignment with the Suffield Portrait of a Graduate.
  5. Safe School Climate and Culture: The Suffield Public Schools will continue to engage our students, parents, staff, and Suffield community in fostering an inclusive, responsive, safe and accepting environment built on mutual respect, civility and non-discrimination.

Beyond the development of annual goals, the Board of Education has an incredibly important role in the overall direction of our school district. The success of our schools is highly dependent on the work of the Board, and we greatly appreciate the contributions that Board members make to support and improve our schools. The commitment of serving on the Board of Education is significant, with many personal sacrifices being made to be present at multiple meetings a month. Yet, they do this willingly for the betterment of our students, families, faculty and staff. I would like to publicly thank the Board for the time they share, the perspective they provide, and the support they give in leading the Suffield Public Schools. 

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