Litter Frustration

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Can anyone explain to me what societal phenomenon is occurring which causes seemingly many drivers or their passengers to throw their empty coffee cups, beer and soda cans, their miniature liquor bottles, fast food papers and cardboard trash and any other of a wide variety of plastic objects the driver wants to ditch out their windows?

Why is it okay in the minds of trash-throwers to litter our streets, parks and parking lots? Is littering no longer a crime? Or is the reason this goes on the same reason (it appears to me) that I witness the growing frequency of drivers barreling through red lights? No enforcement? Free-floating hostility? Anger and resentment of a political nature? All of the above?

How much more will we tolerate until we insist on adequate enforcement? Or do we, who are perturbed about this, just keep cleaning up the trash?

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