Suffield Voter Guide

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Town Election, November 7, Suffield Middle School 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.

The Observer asked all candidates: “What are your qualifications for this office?”

Candidates were also asked another relevant question. Responses were limited to 200 words.

Vote for One

Question for First Selectman: What do you think is the most pressing issue in Suffield? How would you address it?

– R–

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working for the Town the past two years. Every day I’m faced with new and unique challenges that I continuously gain valuable knowledge, perspective, and experience from. Successfully navigating through these experiences has given me the advantage over any other candidate.

My goals for our community would not change from what I’ve done over the course of my current term. I will continue the goal to build a strong and vibrant community that engages our residents through more involvement, programs, and events. I will continue to take a measured, middle ground approach that recognizes the needs of the majority while balancing the needs of a minority.

We have many unique challenges and issues ahead. The future of our facilities, traffic and safety solutions, sustainable practices, support for our departments, and community engagement require equal consideration and time from my office.

Knowing and truly understanding Suffield and its residents is an important aspect of this job, and I know I’ve done my part as First Selectman. If elected, I will continue to do so. I hope any potential candidate would be able to do and say the same. Suffield will always come first for me.

– U –

I own a successful tree service, and the lessons I have learned have prepared me to make fiscally responsible decisions while managing people and negotiating contracts. I retired after a successful athletic career as a Jai Alai player, rising to the ranks of world champion, so I understand the values of discipline and perseverance. I have been to Ukraine several times to help families in desperate need. As your First Selectman, I will prioritize increasing transparency (providing the entire story, not just bits and pieces in order to enrich party loyalists) and help move Suffield to a brighter future.

For far too long, Suffield has been plagued by party politics, and this needs to change. Voters in town who do not identify with a political party (the Unaffiliateds) outnumber those who do (the Democrats, Republicans, Independent, Libertarian, and Green parties). As an Unaffilated, I am running to give voice to all those sick of partisan politics. I will vigorously defend the First Amendment: People should not be told what books we can and cannot read in a public library! Attacks on the first amendment open the door to attacks on the rest. I look forward to serving our community.

Vote for up to Four

Question for First Selectman: What do you think is the most pressing issue in Suffield? How would you address it?

— D — 

I have been a Suffield Principal, Acting Superintendent of Schools, member of Board of Selectman, chairman of Juvenile Review Board, member of Library Commission and President of Suffield Library Foundation. These diverse experiences give me a rich perspective into the workings of Suffield, both the government and schools.

As an educator I felt it was our responsibility to teach young people how to deal with conflict and to examine diverse ideas. Young people need to ask questions and seek accurate information.What’s disturbing in today’s society is those attributes are missing. People take on issues without examining their complexities or become rigid in their positions and argumentative. People do not discuss or debate issues, but they question books in libraries, challenge school curriculum, attack public figures. We have moved away from an open society that values dialogue, raising questions or taking opposing views.I find the political climate disturbing and will work to overcome these differences by working and talking with people of all persuasions and political differences. It’s important for government officials to understand different viewpoints and be able to talk with people. I believe this is critical for a democracy and for a local government to function effectively.

— D —

Working as a manager in healthcare, I have strong organizational and interpersonal skills. I also have extensive experience lobbying to facilitate policy changes in healthcare. My dedication to values, coupled with my professional skills, will provide much-needed service to the people of Suffield. I will fight to modernize town meeting practices and greatly improve transparency, so all citizens feel heard. For those who want to self-sustain, I will work to expand allowances for small backyard farms.

Poor transparency is Suffield’s biggest problem. I will fight to make it so all meetings are available via Zoom with good sound quality, be fully recorded and posted on the Town’s website and on Cox public access television, and certain Zoom settings applied so that viewers can clearly see who is speaking and who else is in attendance. I will make it so documents that are being discussed at meetings will be made available ahead of time – currently, this is not done, and this leaves citizens with no time to consider policies ahead of the meeting, stifling public comment participation. As your Selectman, I will promote civic engagement, not put up hurdles; this is the best way to ensure that all voices are heard.

— D — 

My name is Pete Hill and I am seeking re-election to the Board of Selectmen. I believe I am open to differing opinions before making a decision. I never vote based on party affiliation. I vote on what is best for the town. My personal goal is to have the Board of Selectmen be more receptive to opposite viewpoints. For example, we need to appoint people to boards who are best suited for that commission and not what party they belong to!

The most pressing issue is taxes. We need to diversify our tax base more, so our families are not responsible for a majority of taxes paid in town . We need to bring more businesses into Suffield. Towns surrounding Windsor Locks have taken advantage of their proximity to the airport. We have not. We need to market the Route 75 business corridor better. We need to be aggressive in creating an environment where companies want to come here. This in turn will create more tax revenue for the town and ease the tax burden on our families.

I hope to earn your vote November 7th!

Thank you!


I’m an attorney with 25 years of experience in my second term on the Board of Selectmen. I have served on ACCE, the Library Commission and the Ordinance Review Committee. If re-elected, my goals are to keep our government lean, services excellent and taxes low.

I never aspired to run for elective office, and I don’t see myself as a politician. I’m just a concerned and motivated citizen that stepped up when asked to help my Town. As a Selectman, I conduct myself the same way that I conduct myself in my personal life: I’m transparent, rational and willing to listen to differing viewpoints with respect.

Our town is well-run, and I don’t believe there are any pressing issues in Suffield. This is not to say that there’s no room for improvement or work that needs to be done – as surely there is. However, Suffield is a fantastic town with dedicated employees and elected officials and generous and caring residents. We can – and should – strive to improve while honoring and maintaining our roots. Let’s not forget what got us here. We are a Town of Farms. When I say this, I say it with tremendous respect and admiration.

— R — 

I am a long-time Suffield resident. I’ve worked tobacco, served in the Army Reserve, and I’ve been an attorney for 25 years. I’ve served on the Board of Selectmen and on other boards and commissions.

I aim to be a voice for all residents, especially those busy raising a family and trying to pay their bills.

Our library’s Kindness display included a book for children aged 4-8. The book suggests children can choose to be a he, she, they, them, ze, zir, ey, or em; that children should choose genders without parental guidance, and that gender “changes like the weather.”

The display violated Suffield residents’ First Amendment rights by endorsing one viewpoint in a topic of public debate and by excluding other viewpoints, for example, that gender is fixed, or limited to male and female, or that children should seek guidance from their parents. Provide viewpoint neutrality and let residents decide for themselves.

The American Library Association president is a Marxist who sees public “libraries as part of . . . a socialist vision.”
I do not believe Suffield wants our library to be part of “a socialist vision.” Libraries exist for patrons, not librarians.

Vote for up to Three

Question: What are your budget priorities?

— D —

I’ve served Suffield as First Selectman and on the Board of Finance, Planning and Zoning, Emergency Management Office and as chairman of the Advisory Commission on Capital Expenditures. I worked for Phoenix Insurance for nearly twenty years in the finance department and as a senior technology manager.

Compared to almost every other town in Connecticut, Suffield has a very healthy fund balance (or “rainy day” fund) – too healthy. Having such a high balance means that taxpayers have been asked to pay too much in taxes. The fund balance is a target for labor negotiations and indicates to the state that grants to Suffield can be cut with few consequences. Extra money in the fund balance should be used for needed capital projects or to reduce taxes.

I will urge the Board of Finance to update and improve the town’s long-range financial plan.

The town needs a master plan for the development of parks and playgrounds. We need to invest more, especially on the eastern side of town where there are few choices for residents.

I would promote Increased public input from residents on the budget and potential capital projects.For more information – or call 860-668-5444.

— D —

I have been involved in finance for the past 42 years. I began as a lender to businesses and spent the past 22 years managing investment portfolios for businesses and individuals. Having served on the Board of Finance for the past 12 years, I will continue to use this knowledge to benefit Suffield in its bonding of capital projects, the management of its pension and other retirement benefits assets, and finding ways to better invest our dollars as I did with the creation of the Capital Non-Recurring Expenditure (CNRE) Fund and the recently created cemetery endowment.

To listen to the citizens of Suffield so we understand what services they want from their local government and provide those services in the most cost-effective manner. It is the job of the Board of Finance to find ways to fund services and programs, not to decide what those should be. On occasion, the Board has made budget decisions to keep expenses down by avoiding, eliminating or reducing services without careful consideration of the longer-term benefits to our constituents. I will also continue to pursue our long-term infrastructure needs and how best to pay for them.

— R —

I have been a member of the Board of Finance since 2009 and am currently the Chairman. Professionally, I’m a CPA with 30+ years of experience. I treat taxpayers’ money like I treat my own, and I’m frugal. Notable accomplishments of the Board during my tenure include:

  • Kept taxes low and reduced the mill rate over the last four years by keeping operating expense increases below the rate of inflation,
  • Supported the consolidation of Town functions to reduce costs and improve services (e.g., IT, Community Services, Public Works),
  • Made investments to ensure the Town retains its rural character (i.e., Farmland Preservation – $1,500,000 funded over last decade),
  • Maintained conservative fund balances to support a strong bond rating (AA+) and cover for emergencies (e.g., Library environmental issues, 2011 storm),
  • Made smart investments with our reserves, earning income that offset cuts in State Aid,
  • Funded all necessary capital spending requests, resulting in the improvement in the condition of the Town’s roads and buildings,
  • Fully funded the employee pension and other postemployment health benefit (OPEB) plans based on actuarial recommendations.

If re-elected, my goal will be to stay on this course to ensure taxes remain low and Town government remains well-run.

— R —

My name is Mark Sinopoli, and I am currently serving on the Board of Finance. In 2021, I started as an alternate and served until February 2023 at which time I stepped up to fill a vacant full-time seat. I have been a resident of Suffield for the past sixteen years, and I have a wife and daughter.

I have been a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries for 23 years. During that time, my main focus has been on the derivation and successful filing of insurance company income statements. This work has uniquely qualified me in deriving budgets that can weather fiscal crises while keeping expenses at moderate levels.

If elected, I plan to leverage that expertise in ensuring that the town government spends each dollar with maximum benefit while limiting tax increases to be in line with inflation.

2 Yr Term
— D —

I feel particularly well qualified to continue serving on Suffield’s Board of Finance. I have owned and managed a successful small business in Suffield for over 40 years (Suffield Veterinary Hospital) and understand the importance of watching expenses while still taking care of our most valuable assets, our staff. My education includes a DVM from Cornell University and an economics degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. As an eight-year BOF incumbent, I hope to continue helping Suffield be a wonderful place to live without overextending our finances.

There’s a balancing act between respecting our residents’ wallets and keeping our citizens safe and educated, along with a nod to improving the niceties of our community. This is the heart of the mission of the Board of Finance and is what we grapple with at every meeting. Among the keys to success: try to predict our needs over the next two decades and, where possible, spread infrastructure projects over time. Managing bonding, keeping unassigned fund balance at a safe but not unreasonably high level, and seeking ways to keep medical costs from skyrocketing all can help us avoid the need for unexpected tax hikes.

Vote for up to Two

Question: What are your budget priorities?


I have lived in Suffield for 15 years. My wife Suzy and I have family here and are very involved with our community. We deliver Meals on Wheels and help plan and maintain the SCA community garden. I serve on the Board of the Friends of Kent Memorial Library and chaired the search committee for the Library Director in 2022. I also designed and installed improved lighting for KML’s Pinney Art Gallery and helped upgrade exhibit lighting in the historic King House on Main Street. I currently serve as Secretary of the Advisory Commission on Capital Expenditures for the town budget process.

During my career as a designer and producer of national events, I developed the ability to reconcile conflicting interests to adopt mutually agreed upon proposals. In what promises to be a very challenging budget cycle, I believe that my proven ability to define compromise solutions and garner support for them will enable me to make a valid and needed contribution to the Board of Finance.

My goal, as a motivated public servant, is to improve the overall quality of life for all citizens in our town by actively supporting innovation while balancing genuine needs with fiscal responsibility.

— R —

I have been a resident of Suffield for over 30 years, and all three of my children received their public education here. I have over three decades of demonstrated financial leadership, being involved in structuring many challenging transactions in the ever-changing global financial marketplace. I am a CPA and MBA, and my final position was as Vice President of United Technologies Finance Corp. UTFC worked with a broad range of constituents in the financial community, including banks, accounting and tax experts, financiers, lessors, manufacturers, borrowers, airlines and export credit agencies. I have also worked in the power, banking, public accounting and utility industries; co-issuing the largest bond at that time in the State of CT of $1.4 billion with Northeast Utilities – to reduce electric rates.

I currently serve on the Suffield Capital Committee and Board of Finance, as well as several other non-profit Boards and committees. I hope to continue to provide financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the town’s budget, and to ensure Suffield is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services that the community decides it desires while being fiscally prudent and managing the mill rate at a reasonable level.

— R —

My qualifications are based on my 36-year career at the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. As part of my duties, I was responsible for a unit that repaired the state-owned dams and flood control projects. This unit was also responsible for funding and facilitating dam repairs and flood control projects undertaken by the CT municipalities. My staff and I had an annual budget of between $3M and $5M. As these projects were planned, designed, permitted and constructed I was aware of the public dollars being used for these projects. I made sure that this money was spent efficiently and effectively. During my time at DEEP, we rebuilt/repaired over 50 state- owned, and funded dozens of municipally owned dam repairs.

If elected as an alternate on the Board of Finance I will continue to learn as much about each Suffield department. I want to understand the needs and wants of each department so I can do the best job possible allocating the limited funds available.

While being fiscally conscious, I think it is important to keep our buildings, roads and other infrastructure in good condition with an eye towards avoiding bigger expenses in the future.

Vote for up to Three

Question: What do you believe are the current needs of the department, and how can you best support the department?


My qualifications for the position of Police Commissioner come from having worked at the Suffield Police Department for 18 years. This experience provided me with a clear understanding of what our Police Officers deal with daily. While in this position, not only did I work closely with the Officers, the Dispatchers, and the leadership of the Department, I also had the opportunity to implement cost savings programs and public outreach programs. While working with the department, I united Suffield and East Granby Animal Control Offices saving taxpayers money and strengthening the position. I also worked with the Suffield Sportsmen Association and the Police Department to establish the use of the pistol range for Officers’ Gun qualifications in town, saving time and money for taxpayers.

I feel that our Officers need to be supported by a commission that understands their needs and concerns to make them a more effective Police Force. My time working closely with them gives me the ability to understand their issues from a day-to-day point of view. I would appreciate your vote so that I may serve our community and make a positive contribution to our fine Officers, giving them the knowledge they have support from within.

— R —

I believe my current position as a member of the police commission serves as a qualification for this office. Additionally, my experience in multiple roles as a first responder in both EMS and the utility world, which require extensive interaction with police officials, serves as an additional qualification for this role.

Personally, I want to ensure the police department continues to serve our community and ensure the safety of our town so that my two young children feel safe in our community. I believe the police department needs to continue its focus on community engagement. Additionally, I believe the department needs to continue its ongoing effort in training its officers with the everchanging laws, policies, and procedures. The more training and assistance we provide our officers, the better they can respond to and serve the community.

I can help support this by ensuring we are asking the right questions, providing the right resources, and ensuring we are fiscally responsible while doing so.

— R— 

I have served on the Suffield Police Commission for the past four years, holding the position of Clerk and Vice Chair. I have also worked closely with local law enforcement in my role as a school administrator over the past 23 years. In addition, I hold a degree in History and taught courses in both Civics and US Government. My goal as a police commissioner is to continue our collaborative work to support and improve the quality of service already provided by our excellent Suffield Police Department.

In the past four years, we have updated policies, supported the department’s movement towards state accreditation, created and instituted new evaluation procedures and supported the growth and development of all of our officers through professional development and leadership opportunities. Supporting the continued growth and development of our Police Department is vital to maintaining a strong and positive Suffield community for everyone.

— R — 

Aside from being a former police officer, no one person is really more qualified than the next. With our current command staff and officers, all a commissioner should do is advocate for the department, offer lots of support, provide a decent amount of oversight, and get the heck out of the way. My goal this upcoming term is to continue to make sure our police department has what they need to perform their job safely, while being mindful that the taxpayers are footing the bills.

The police department (as well as fire and ambulance services) is in desperate need of a new radio communication system, from new/additional towers to the underlying systems that make it all work. This is a problem that has long existed and has been pushed off for far too long. If there is truly a capital project in need of funding, this is the one. Work has begun to further study and price the project with the hopes of landing on a plan and beginning to implement it sooner rather than later.

Vote for up to Three

Question: What do you believe are the current needs of the department, and how can you best support the department?

— D —

My qualifications for the role focus on my abilities in leadership. Throughout my life, I have held numerous leadership positions and excelled at acting as a people leader. I have shown the ability to help lead teams in multiple modalities from my military and professional career, to hobbies, to volunteer service. This has included developing relationships and leading both with and without authority. Building cohesive, diverse teams, and demonstrating being a good teammate have helped me grow as a leader. I think I can bring this quality to help enhance the Fire Commission.

My personal goals would be to help manage the budget and increase transparency of both the success and challenges our great Fire Department is facing.

 I would want a chance to connect more deeply with the Fire Department and the Fire Commission to fully develop and understand the challenges faced by the Fire Department. From my current understanding from reviewing notes from commission meetings there are some budgetary challenges.

I would like to be able to support the Fire Department in identifying and solutioning for these challenges in a way that ensures the safety of our fire fighters while being fiscally responsible to our taxpayers.


I am proud to say that I grew up in the Suffield Community, and now have the opportunity to raise my three children in the same manner. Starting at a young age I had a passion for the fire service. I joined the Suffield Fire Department’s Cadet Program at the age of 14, and remained active until graduating high school. At that time, I enlisted in the Connecticut Air National Guard where I served for 12 years as a Firefighter. During that time, I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Southern Watch.

I am a retired career firefighter/paramedic of 20 years at the Bradley Airport Fire Department.

I have served two terms on the Fire Commission. I feel my background and passion for fire service will help the Fire Department Management, Volunteers, and Career Staff receive the tools necessary to keep our residents safe. I welcome the privilege to continue to serve on the Fire Commission.

– R– 

Candidate did not reply.

Vote for any One

Question: What do you think are the most important factors in determining whether an assessment is fair and accurate?

— D — 

As a 45-year resident of Suffield, who has spent my career as an educator, business administrator, coach and volunteer in many town organizations, I feel ready and able to serve the Town of Suffield as a member of the Board of Assessment Appeals. My career experience in communication, financial analysis/management, and commitment to equitable treatment will allow me to become a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all Town residents who appeal their property assessments.

With the October 1, 2023 Revaluation completed, this will be an important and busy year for the BOAA. With several previous experiences before the Board, I have an understanding of the process. Thorough analysis, accurate property details, and avoidance of assumptions are the essential factors in accurate and fair assessment.

I have spent the last decade as a resident and treasurer of one of Suffield’s condominium communities, so I feel that I can help represent the unique situations of my fellow condominium residents. I have developed a good working relationship with the Assessor’s Office during those years.

— R — 

I was the Suffield Town Attorney for 16 years and represented the town in over two dozen tax appeals in superior court. Then, as First Selectman for four years (2011-2015), I was closely involved in assessments by the town and appeals taken by residents in the superior court. I have also represented taxpayers in appeals of assessments in towns other than Suffield. As a result of this experience, I am knowledgeable in property valuation, both real and personal.

The most important factors in the fairness and accuracy of an assessment are the fair market values at the time of revaluation of the item being questioned. This applies to both real property and personal property. Also, key are the characteristics of the property being questioned, such as the make and model of a vehicle or the number of bedrooms in a house.

Vote for up to Five

Question: What are the top needs/priorities for the school system?

— D — 

I’ve been a dedicated, involved member of Suffield’s BOE for the past five years. I’m a 13-year Suffield resident and have three wonderful children in our public school system. I hold a Master’s degree in Science and work locally as an orthopedic PA.

Suffield Public Schools need to prepare ALL of our children for an ever-changing world. They need a foundation of solid academics and exposure to a wide range of opportunities. We are preparing each child for THEIR unique life path. We must empower them to enter the workforce, college or the military. In partnership with families, our schools should foster kindness, responsible citizenship, and a strong work ethic. It’s our obligation to provide these students with a safe, healthy learning environment, academic rigor and support and only the best teachers and administrators.

I believe Suffield is ready to provide pre-school education to all students. We should be providing breakfast, lunch and all necessary learning materials for our students. I’m confident that there is room in our budget for these initiatives without increasing taxes.

Suffield residents deserve a transparent, responsive BOE. Given the chance, I will ensure that this happens. Your vote will help me continue this important work!

— D —

I have worked in education since receiving my bachelors in mathematics from Western New England College, now University. I currently have my masters in teaching mathematics. I have taught math and have led departments in the Springfield Public Schools as well as the Holyoke Public Schools, and I am currently in my 16th year of education. I am currently the instructional leadership specialist in mathematics at the Springfield Virtual School, in Springfield Massachusetts. I am a data driven team leader and I view education as a means to best support our students and families to ensure that they will find success and meaning in any future college and career paths that they choose.

I believe that the top priorities of the school system are to ensure that we are focused on the needs of our students and families. We need to continue the things that are working and make Suffield Public Schools great for our students and families. We need to address, start, or stop the systems that aren’t. Ultimately, our decisions should be student and family centered at all times.

— D — 

My experience serving four years on Suffield’s Board of Education, my professional skill set and my academic background make me qualified to advocate for the needs of Suffield students. While on Suffield’s BOE, I served in an executive position and as chair of the Policy subcommittee. Professionally, I oversee internal communications at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and previously worked as a journalist for NBC Connecticut, covering the state’s biggest stories related to crime, politics, and education. In addition, I have a master’s degree in organizational leadership which helped develop my goal-oriented and results-driven mindset.

My service on Suffield’s BOE provides me with unique insight into the needs and priorities of our school system. As a Board, we must meet the educational needs of all children, enhance academic outcomes, and reduce an achievement gap that affects far too many students. In addition, we must strengthen district policies to set students up for long-term success. Also, we must work diligently with Suffield’s Board of Finance to deliver fiscally responsible budgets that drive academic results. I believe my dedication to promoting the academic success and well-being of Suffield students will serve our community well.

Thank you for your support.

— R— 

I am a current board member of the BOE and have served over the past four years addressing many challenges including COVID. My business, management and finance background are very useful when participating in the BOE Finance subcommittee as well as developing the annual budget. I also have the perspective of a parent given I have two sons that successfully went through the Suffield school system.

Over the next four years, I would like to focus on working with the Administration to continue to improve the quality of education, working to ensure teachers are enabled to provide excellent education to all students, and making the Suffield community aware of all the excellent opportunities the school system has to offer.

2 Yr Term
— D — 

In the upcoming BOE election, experience is paramount. With 27 years in management and consulting, I direct many international projects involving diverse cultures and languages daily. This experience equips me with the skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of our school district, celebrating collaboration, student and staff achievement, diversity and multiculturalism.

Moreover, I am a vested stakeholder with three children in our schools. Having served three years on the BOE, I have a proven record of results-driven leadership in the selection of an outstanding Superintendent and the crafting, discussing, and defending of multiple crucial budgets.

I will continue to emphasize our district goals:

  • Collaborative Partnerships where especially active parental involvement is key to our children’s success.
  • Improved Student Achievement: As in my job, I recognize the importance of using meaningful data and I strongly advocate for building upon the progress that we have made to date.
  • Professional Growth Opportunities.
  • Rigorous Curriculum.
  • Inclusive and Safe Environment: I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive, safe, and accepting environment where mutual respect, civility, and non-discrimination prevail.

On Election Day, make the choice for experience, dedication, and progress. Together, we can continue to build a thriving and inclusive educational community.

— R —

My full-time job is being a Paramedic/Firefighter, I am expected to solve problems in real time and under pressure. This is what qualifies me for the job of BOE. I look for the problems we are facing and work to enact solutions that will solve those problems. I also believe in driving the budget in the direction it is needed.

The major problem we are looking at in the SPS is that our students are falling behind in the core elements of education. A large number of students are not meeting the minimum standard that would prepare them for the real world after graduating. After discussing the issue with staff in the SPS, we require BOE liaisons to work with staff, look at multiple data points beyond standardized tests. We need to evaluate where students are falling behind on a curriculum concepts level, look at how much of the curriculum is being reduced in order to spend time covering gaps from previous grade levels and create flexibility within the school schedule to fill those gaps. Additionally, if we want responsible students we need to hold them to the standard, giving them accountability for their future.

— R —

I have held the position of Board of Education member for the past four years. I was the Chairperson of the Finance, Facilities and Negotiations Sub-Committee which worked diligently to understand the financial needs of the district. Every decision that I made was to ensure the success of the amazing students in our schools while still being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of Suffield.

In the next four years, we are being presented with some challenges in dealing with both the academic shortcomings we have been facing since remote learning and the social and emotional health of all of our students and teachers in the district. My top priority would be to continue to use reliable data points to create educated policies and an efficient budget that will benefit the entire school system in both academic and social emotional areas. I would continue to work closely with the administration to ensure that we are doing our due diligence when making impactful decisions that affect the entire district and its stakeholders. I would love to continue in this role for another four years so that I can be a part of Suffield School’s continued growth and accomplishments.

Vote for up to Four

Question: What is your interest in the WPCA, and what do you see as your role on the Commission?

— D — 

I have lived on Ellison Street since my wife Lynn and I moved to Suffield in 1999. Our home is connected to the town sewer system. I grew up in central Illinois and earned B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in agricultural sciences (plants and soils) from the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin. My educational background and 20 years as a scientist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station have given me a strong foundation in chemical and biological sciences. I am currently self employed as a consultant regarding control strategies for invasive plants on a wide range of lands across the state. I have served many years on the Board of Directors for the Suffield Land Conservancy and Friends of the Farm at Hilltop (FOFAH) in addition to being an active member of the Suffield Garden Club and the town’s Tree Committee.

I will be a new member on the WPCA commission and look forward to serving my fellow Suffield residents and especially those served by the WPCA. My goal is to quickly learn all aspects of commission responsibilities and to ensure we continue to provide an effective and environmentally sound waste-water treatment system.

— U— 

My name is Travis Watroba, lifelong Suffield resident running as an unaffiliated candidate for WPCA commission. I am co-owner along with my wife Joy of Connecticut Valley Septic Services. For the past 20 years we have attended to Suffield’s wastewater service needs, with extensive experience with private subsurface wastewater disposal system design, installation and maintenance as well as daily interaction with the Suffield Water Pollution Control Facility.

If elected I would be a voice for my customers, those in town not lucky enough to actually have access to public sewer, but still directly rely on the facility’s proper management to process their waste after their septic systems have been serviced.

— R — 

I really did not have any qualification for this office eight years ago.

We could not find anybody who wanted to serve, so I volunteered. Since then, I have learned how important the plant is and to make sure that it is being run effectively and efficiently, and it is. That is my only real goal.

Nothing special, just to make sure it continues to run effectively and efficiently. The real issue is getting other folks to step up and serve, which is a big issue today.

— R — 

My interest in the WPCA is I have been in the Sewer and Water installation business for over 38 years. I owned and operated The FEB Companies based here in Suffield for 28 years I also have worked for the last 10 years at the Metropolitan District Commission, which is a sewer and water bureau based in Hartford. I am familiar with the daily operations and procedures.

My goal is to help eliminate storm and surface waters from entering the sewer system.

Vote for one

Question: How have you improved efficiency in your department?

— R —

I was born and raised in Suffield. I live in the middle of a preserved farm that my Dad grew from 60 acres to 200. I was appointed as Tax Collector in August of 2009 to fill the balance of Tina Lucia’s term as Tax Collector. Once appointed, I immediately began my certification program. My CCMC certification was completed in August 2012. After the completion of my appointed term, I was elected for two full terms.

Since 2009, we have made many changes. The office was once comprised of a full-time Tax Collector and two part time assistants. We now have a full-time Tax Collector and full time Assistant Tax Collector.

In 2015, we moved our database online, allowing people to view and or pay taxes online. We have collected over $31 million dollars with our online program to date. We also process all of our payments in-house. We scan all checks and make very timely deposits. My collection rate has been 98.9% or greater.

It has been an honor to serve and work with my community over the past 14 years. I look forward to working with everyone in the next four years.

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Question: How have you improved efficiency in your department?

— D —

Please let me introduce myself as I am lifelong resident, town employee, farmer, businesswoman residing in West Suffield. As your current certified Town Clerk, I have over 32 years of town employment and volunteer experience with various departments. My career began as a Police Dispatcher/Records Clerk/Supernumerary Police Officer, where I served for over 17 years.

After raising my two daughters, I returned to Town employment in the Tax Collector’s Office, then to the Town Clerk’s Office, having attained a Certified Town Clerk (CCTC) status.

I feel growing up in Suffield and my long history of town employment have enabled me to know the town, its residents and the geography very well.

I pride myself in changing the Town Clerk’s Office into a warm, friendly and helpful environment.

Preparation for the renovations of Town Hall forced us to modernize access to all of our records. Today records from the 1700’s to today are scanned to view on the Town of Suffield website.

Agendas and minutes are posted timely to the web.

Dog licenses are now renewable online to make transaction easier for the public.

I welcome you to stop by the office, say “Hi”! We would love to meet you.

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Question: How have you improved efficiency in your department?

— D —

I have been serving as Suffield’s treasurer since April 2022 when I was appointed to fill out the remainder of the term of my predecessor. My background in project and program management gave me the skills needed to serve as treasurer.

Over the past 18 months I’ve established a good working relationship with the Board of Finance, the Director of Finance, and the finance professionals who support the town, the Board of Education, and the Water Pollution Control Authority.

My principal focus has been on making sure that sufficient funds are in the appropriate bank accounts to cover the town’s expenditures. I’ve implemented processes using online tools to document the movement of funds, and to provide confirmations for each funds transfer. Working with online data minimizes errors inherent in manual data entry.

I have been aggressive in taking advantage of rising interest rates by moving the town’s funds into and out of an investment account to maximize earnings. Recently we began investing in CDs to lock in attractive interest rates.

When I took over as town treasurer there were few instructions for how to do the job. I’ve been developing documentation so that future treasurers will have an easier transition.

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Question: How can the Planning & Zoning Commission help achieve the goals of Suffield’s Plan of Conservation and Development?

— D —

I have served on the Planning & Zoning Commission for more than 9 years and have been a resident of Suffield for more than 46 years. My goals would be to continue to support farmland preservation and cluster development while encouraging affordable housing opportunities.

P & Z can achieve its Plan of Conservation and Development by guiding development in a way that encourages appropriate land use throughout Town while conserving the value of properties and recognizing the importance of the natural environment.

— R —

I have a background in chemistry with an emphasis on environmental science. I have worked in environmental labs that did soil testing for industrial contaminants. I have worked on the Technology Committee in Suffield, giving me familiarity with the local government. If elected my goal would be to serve the community in the best way possible.

Planning and zoning is in place to responsibly use the space within the town of Suffield. This is done by approaching every situation with knowledge of the zoning requirements and a desire to see our town thrive. Within these requirements we are able to maintain our wetlands and wilderness, while still being able to allow for new housing development and improvements.

— R— 

My name is Christine Sinopoli, and I am currently serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission. In 2020, I started as an alternate and served until January 2021 at which time I stepped up to fill a vacant full-time seat. I have lived in Suffield for 16 years, and I have a husband and daughter. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Smith College. Professionally I worked for Travelers handling surety bond construction claims, and for The Hartford handling environmental claims. I also worked for the pharmaceutical industry.

If elected my priority is to continue to improve and modify regulations that make Suf-field a desirable town for residents, businesses and developers to live, raise families and conduct business. With respect to affordable housing, there is no one approach fits all, and if elected I will review each application, including affordable housing, on its merits and compliance with the Suffield zoning regulations and applicable laws. I support the continuous improvement of the quality of development, and most importantly, keeping control of zoning in local hands.

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Question: How can the Planning & Zoning Commission help achieve the goals of Suffield’s Plan of Conservation and Development?

— D—

My experience as a local business owner and Suffield resident over the past 20 years has provided me with a deep understanding of our community’s needs and values. If re-elected, my commitment remains steadfast in preserving Suffield’s character and open spaces while supporting projects and policies that contribute positively to our town’s tax base. My priorities are balanced growth, affordable housing, and transparency.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is central to achieving the objectives set out in Suffield’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). This plan is the framework for the town’s long-term growth, development, and sustainability. The P&Z can contribute to these goals in several ways:

– Community Engagement: Encouraging active participation from residents, business owners, and stakeholders is crucial for making decisions that reflect our community’s values.
– Regulation Review: Regularly reviewing and amending zoning regulations should be in line with the POCD’s objectives, which include promoting mixed-use development, addressing affordable housing needs, and supporting sustainable building practices.
– Environmental Sustainability: Emphasizing environmental sustainability and responsible land use is critical. This involves practices like open space preservation, protection of natural resources, and low impact development, all in line with the POCD’s recommendations.

— R— 

I’m a local Property Management Business Operator and Real Estate Agent. Through my experience providing housing in the area, maintaining compliance with government regulations, managing relationships, and exercising financial oversight, I offer high-quality skills to the Commission. I’m also a proven community leader with a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics and the importance of effective communication, having served vocationally in church work in New York and Ohio for several years. My desire for the coming four years is to listen effectively to residents of Suffield, understand the community’s nuanced vision for land use and development, and meaningfully influence the Commission to execute accordingly.

Culture is the interplay between what is created and what is allowed. Both must be thoughtfully considered when making decisions regarding Suffield’s future. To promote the existing Plan, P&Z needs to discern what is in alignment with the town’s character and heritage, carefully guard the finite resources of agricultural land and open space, disallow hazards to community safety, and encourage strategic residential and commercial investment to facilitate projected population growth and accommodate modern lifestyles. Additionally, well-researched understanding into the Planning and Zoning regulations and applicant inquiries will foster a synergistic environment between the Commission and the Public.

Thank You

The Observer extends its heartfelt gratitude to fellow citizens who have shared their time and talent by taking on the responsibilities that come with holding elective office. Their commitment helps to maintain the best of our town’s past while providing guidance as the future brings new challenges and opportunities.

Kudos to all !

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