350th Suffield Trivia

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1. The first Catholic Mass that was celebrated in the original St. Joseph’s Church was held on a Holy Day in 1916. Which one?
a. Christmas
b. St. Joseph’s Day
c. Easter

2. Most of the Polish immigrants that came to Suffield in the early 1900s came from:
a. Austrian Partition
b. Russian Partition
c. German Partition

3. The property that became St. Joseph’s Cemetery was donated by which Suffield family?
a. Osowiecki
b. Gogulski
c. Kozikowski

4. Occasionally Polish immigrants would Americanize their surnames for a variety of reasons, sometimes to make the names easier for their American employers. According to the family story of Ignacy Zawadzki, the tobacco farmer he worked for dubbed him
a. Michael Davis
b. Joseph Anderson
c. Mike Wilson

5. The Sisters of St. Joseph were the first order of nuns to teach catechism at St. Joseph’s Church. They were followed by:
a. Felician Sisters
b. The Sisters of Providence
c. The Franciscan Sisters

6. The Suffield Agricultural Park was an agricultural fair, but also a harness racing venue with a grandstand and horse stables. Where was it located?
a. Behind where McAlister School now stands
b. Behind where Spaulding School now stands
c. Where the High School is today

7. John Mead was a Suffield-born architect, known as an outstanding builder in Connecticut during the Victorian era. What building in Suffield didn’t he build?
a. Town Hall
b. 1st Congregational Church
c. Spencer on Main (southern corner of Kent Ave. and South Main Street)

8. Suffield produced a painter of some renown who was a neighbor and friend of James Whistler (remember the painting Whistler’s Mother?). What is his name?
a. John Singer Sargent
b. John Singleton
c. Willis Seaver Adams

9. The massive bronze doors of the Library of Congress were the work of a man from Suffield. He was a sculptor with a big reputation, a charter member of the Society of American Artists and inducted in 1889 to the National Academy of Design. Who was he?
a. Daniel Chester French
b. Olin Levi Warner
c. Carl Andre

10. Ralph Granger, from Suffield, struck it rich by acquiring a silver mine out West. He married Jessie Hastings, another Suffield resident. What did he and his heirs establish with their wealth?
a. San Diego Zoo
b. Merchants National Bank which eventually merged into The Bank of America
c. Both

Answers can be found here.

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