350 Anniversary Trivia Contest

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1. What memorable event occurred on February 14, 1899 in Suffield?

a. A mass wedding of 20 couples

b. A blizzard which dumped 30 inches of snow

c. The first serious accident of the Suffield branch railroad line

2. The Gay Mansion, a Federalist-style house, located on North Main Street, is named in our time, for its second owner, William Gay. What was his job?

a. He was the town postmaster for 35 years and administered the U.S. Postal finance in the entire Northeast

b. He was minister of the 1st Congregational Church

c. He sold land in the Western Reserve

3. The First Baptist Church resides on

a. Mile Hill

b. Zion’s Hill

c. Hastings Hill

4. The Kent Memorial Library report in 1907 stated that the library had how many books and periodicals?

a. 30,875 books and

19 periodicals

b. 15,342 books and

38 periodicals

c. 19,834 and

23 periodicals

5. The concrete foundation of the Kent Memorial Library at 50 North Main Street was installed backwards by mistake but the project continued with this mistake in place.

True or False?

6. Syd Fuller came from a long line of tobacco farmers. In  1957, he became the proprietor of what business on Mapleton Avenue?

a. Fuller’s Realty

b Brigham’s Candy

c. Suffield Cigars

7. In August 1947, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post was founded and named after two fallen Suffield veterans. One veteran was Fred Landry, a gunner’s mate on the Navy ship USS Barton which was sunk in the Battle of Savo Island. What is the other veteran’s name?

a. Stephen Bixler

b. Dustin Doyon

c. Edward Sic

8. In 1954, the first principal of the Suffield High School died and Amiel Zak organized a fund drive to commission a portrait of him which was hung in the school. What was his name?

a. George Greenleaf

b. Arthur Ouilette

c. Delmar Sisson

9. The Citizens for Restoring Congamond have sponsored a July event for many years. What is it?

a. A canoe race

b. A skating rink party

c. A boat parade

10. Stephen Austin, founder of Texas, was related to the Suffield Austins.

True or False

The answers can be found here.

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