Observer Skew-less

As I’m sure many of our readers have noticed, Rick Stromoski’s cartoon has been missing from the paper for the past couple of months. Rick has decided to end his time with the Observer, and the town will be the poorer for it.

Observer Scholarships Available

The Suffield Observer will sponsor two scholarships to Suffield residents who will be entering an accredited two-or four-year college in September. The scholarships honor Samuel S. Fuller, founder of the paper, and Robert O. Y. Warren, a former Chairman of the Board.

Good Listeners May Change Their Thinking

It’s been brought to my attention that some residents complain that The Suffield Observer is too liberal, that the paper doesn’t publish viewpoints other than those with a liberal slant. The editorial cartoons are too liberal and there is no voice for other viewpoints.

ABAR Support

In April of 2019 we moved south to Suffield from West Springfield. We were also drawn by the physical beauty of rural Suffield with amazing historic homes and beautiful scenic roads and farmland.

April Commission Meetings

Please check the Town of Suffield website for actual time and location (virtual, Zoom, etc.) of the following commission and committee meetings:

Police Body Cams

My husband and I are happy to live in a community with an amazing grassroots effort that is working on multiple fronts to call out and defeat bias and racism in our Town. ABAR Suffield (“anti-bias, anti-racism”) is growing in strength and numbers.