Pentimento Brings Beauty to Inaugural Ball

Being a floral designer is not all a bed of roses. Just ask sisters Tamara Pezzente and Paula Gallo, owners of Pentimento, a Suffield floral design company, who are regularly up before the crack of dawn to get to the 5 a.m. opening of the Boston flower exchange.

New Publisher

While traditionally our paper was contained in one section, starting this month we will now have two sections. Breaking into multiple sections will provide possible opportunities for further improvements.

A Story of Sweetheart Farmers

Carol and Harrison Griffin were high school sweethearts who will soon be celebrating their 50th anniversary! Carol grew up on a farm here in Suffield, Harrison grew up on a farm in East Granby, and they met in high school when they both were in 4-H.

The Invisible People

Most of us are traveling on a highway once in a while, especially on a holiday, and stopping at a rest stop. Have you ever really looked at someone pushing a mop around on the floor or cleaning a restroom?

Is Kindness Dead?

It is easy to think that there is not much kindness in our very divided world. I looked up a simple definition of “kind” in Merriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary, which is meant for use by new English language learners.

Dog Rescue

Dear Editor,

I am the owner of Falcon, the rescue Aussie that escaped from me on November 18, 2018 and was captured on November 23, 2018. I wish to thank the Town of Suffield, the two ACOs, the police, and the Suffield Forum.

First Selectman’s Update

One of my favorite leisure activities – working on puzzles – has proven an invaluable asset in this job. The many Town initiatives I am eager to see to fruition are like a puzzle; the big picture requires all the smaller pieces to fit together.

Praxair Tour

Praxair, formerly known as Union Carbide, is a global company headquartered in Danbury. Their Suffield facility, opened in 1966, operates 24-7, producing three cryogenic liquids: nitrogen, oxygen & argon.