Spearing Broadleaf

In a traditional Suffield late-summer activity, these farmhands are spearing a healthy crop of broadleaf and loading the lath on a tobacco rack to be hauled off to the curing sheds.

It Happens Here!

Not in my town! My friend would never! My child, no way! My spouse would not do that! Many people express these words when they are faced with the fact that someone they know or love is using drugs.

90 Feet is Further Than You Think

Valley Wheel Baseball is a 30-and-over baseball league based out of Springfield, Massachusetts. With games on Sunday afternoons, players can enjoy the luxury of a fulltime job with baseball on the side.

Observer Baby

To capture the essence of this complex town within the span of one newspaper is no simple task. This is because in order to accurately present the town in its truest form, you must have a thorough understanding of its people.