Blowing in the Wind

Before and during January’s Blizzard Brody, many of us weather-watchers heard forecasters toss about terms that we have never or rarely heard.

Take a Lesson from Churchill

I am often annoyed, even disgusted, by the movies promoted in the Coming Attractions at nearly every movie theater.

Wishful Thoughts

The Hartford Courant on December 31 published a bunch of imaginative headlines suggested by the newspaper’s staff, like AMAZON PICKS HARTFORD and Legislature Finds $4 Billion Under Couch Cushions.

Local Homeowners’ Benefit Program

The Assessor would like to remind elderly and totally disabled homeowners that the filing period for the state and local Homeowners benefit program has opened and will end on Tuesday, May 15.

Moving to Beat Cancer

Ryan Englander, a graduate of Suffield High School, has developed a new gene editing technique for the treatment of cancer, along with two other students, at the University of Connecticut.